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[Highlight] Back to back steals and dunks by LeBron

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  1. Out of Tarantino's last four movies which has the best violence/gore?

  2. “Django Unchained” had the most violence/Gore in my opinion.

  3. I so badly want to see Rififi! That is going to be one of my next buys along with House. I have heard of Le Cercle Rouge before but If I'm not mistaken it's pretty hard to come by. I have been getting a lot of the "classic/staple films" from my local library which for a small town has a decent selection. They did have Sexy Beast so I picked that up and plan to watch it tomorrow. I see Italian Job at the thrift store all the time so I'll be sure to pick it up. Is the re-make of the Italian Job worth watching? I feel like I see that constantly at the thrift store. As always thanks for making these posts and for the suggestions!

  4. I’ve never seen the remake of “the Italian job,” but I hear it’s pretty solid and stylish.

  5. What team can even trade for Horford? I expect Schroder to be gone though.

  6. Russ for Al, Josh Richardson, & Schröder. Salaries are virtually an exact match and you all would get a “playmaker.”

  7. I'll say two, Dial m for murder and dallas buyers club Dial m for murder being more than 50 years old but still didn't bore me. An outstanding performance by the academy winner Ray Milland left me fascinated, and then there's the diva, the queen of queens Grace freaking kelly, the beauty and the grace she had, you see her in one movie and you just keep going back for more even though you're not some old school nerd. And dallas buyers club need no explanation, the king who's "alright" at everything he does took the Oscar for playing a real life homophobe, watching the movie gave me hope that the other homophobes we meet might change their perspective, they might change and stop the hate for the LGBT community

  8. Vada Chennai - 2018 Tamil language Gangster film. Absolutely amazing. Should be ranked with the very best of the genre in my opinion. Very accurate depiction of the local politics, ethos, people, everything while having its own sense of morality, humor, etc. Marries the best of South Indian film making with the best elements of a gangster drama, and inspired from real life. I think a must watch for gangster and crime movie fanatics. Whole movie adds up really well and uses its run time superbly with a lot of great character development and reveals and everything.

  9. Bill is either deliberately trying to wind up Philly fans or he’s actually brain dead. His “trade prediction” of sabonis, lamb and a protected 1st for Simmons is insulting to the intelligence of his good buddy Daryl.

  10. It does seem like a three team trade between Philly/Indy/Sac makes the most plausible trade scenario, with Sabonis, Simmons, & Fox as the main principles in the trade.

  11. The problem is figuring out incentives for every team and Fox is the odd man out that nobody really wants.

  12. Speaking of which…wasn’t he supposed to sign with Denver?! What happened with that?

  13. I thought the TV shows were pretty forgettable except for maybe Loki and the first half of Wandavision. At least they are not overlong like the previous wave of Netflix shows. But Hawkeye, for example, was laughably half-assed. Jeremy Renner is MUCH better in Mayor of Kingstown.

  14. I really enjoyed Loki, but am wondering how to reconcile the events in the show with what happened with “No Way Home.” Marvel is usually pretty good with continuity, but seems kind of contradictory there… 🤷🏽‍♂️

  15. Think you got the wrong guy. Word on the street is Phil Handy is in line to take over.

  16. Orlando holds many memories for Frank. Got fired and then won a championship there a couple of years later. Now, if he was to get fired there again, the arrow will trend downwards.

  17. Well, guess we finally got a definitive cause for his knee injury. Not sure of the money situation. Is this possibly Zeke’s last game with us?

  18. Shrags is by far the biggest laydown for any sports talk Bill regularly has on. As soon as Bill pushes on anything he immediately tucks his little micro PP between his legs and bows

  19. Man we really aren’t trading anyone and are stuck with this mess of a team for the next two season 😢😢

  20. We are close to "I don't wanna talk about the Celtics" stage of the season

  21. It’s been so nice to wake up after the last few games when a smile on my face. 😁

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