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  1. Damn this is cool. I really want to make mine look this good but I only have just enough patience to make my factories 100% efficient and boxy.

  2. I won rockfest tickets once. I pulled out my phone, thought, no way I'm going to win, put it away and then thought "can't win if you don't play". Really though, I doubt it's actually the 93rd texter. I'm sure it's just random.

  3. The whole process of manufacturing these, from growing the crystals to lithography and depositing materials to make a functioning processor is black magic fuckery, especially at the atomic level. I used to work in a facility that made the cleaning tools for wafers. Our biggest was an 8 station tool for 300mm wafers. It was a fascinating process. I learned a lot but a lot more went right over my head.

  4. This would also be a great solution. It would definitely resolve the issue of how terrible USB micro is. It always seems to get destroyed. One of the worst connection types. Long live USB C

  5. Can you share the parts you used? We've been thinking about making something very similar and have been having a hard time finding parts in the right size and shape

  6. I solved the same issue with putting a CPU cooler on. Redo the thermal paste on your processor or get a better cooler. You can check if this is an issue by downloading Core Temp and watching your CPU temps for a little while.

  7. Yeah but.... Why? Easy on the caps lock and cocaine bro.

  8. I just finished a factory in this spot but mine is on the cliff above and the center goes to the lower part of that basin. Maintained most of the natural aesthetics of the area. Your build looks great. Thanks for a little inspiration. My factories always end up as big gray boxes.

  9. No I think they clearanced them a few years ago. I bought mine for $2.50. i didn't like the controller (which was also on sale but don't remember how much). Think I sold it for $30

  10. You can locate the box in a map editor and adjust it's location in the map. Find something you can reference close by in the game and use the coordinates to adjust the height of the death crate. I've had to do the same thing before.

  11. I have a handful around the house. Gaming PC is my main rig, home theater PC which I can reasonably game on, 2 laptops (not including the wife's work laptop), and my bar has a mini PC/touchscreen setup (for nudey photo hunt of course. And streaming music to the stereo I guess lol).

  12. Cable could be bad? That's weird that it would change the speed on the device without changing anything else.

  13. That is great to see but check your bill. It will go up. They do this to me every other year and then my bill skyrockets a few months later. Doesn't change for a little while but it will.

  14. USB 3.0 connector was made by Satan himself. Once you plug the cable in it's a real struggle to get it out without breaking anything.

  15. Never had an issue with this. Never even seen this issue before. Sounds like you're doing it wrong.

  16. I wumbo, you wumbo, he/she/we wumbo. Wumbology? The study of wumbo.

  17. It could be. Microsoft says WHEA issues are hardware related but again, it's a pretty generic problem. Try uninstalling drivers and using alternative devices. If you hardwired your network, uninstall your network driver, do wireless for a while. Wireless headset, do speakers. Make sure all your drivers are up to date.

  18. The other thing someone mentioned was that it happens whenever they close Valorant, now I feel like this is a very common time I notice it but not sure if it’s every single time, I’ve found my Astros mix amp is extremely touchy since this has been happening, usually I can move it around a bit with no issues but now if I touch it it stops working and I get a device is not working thing in the Bottom right

  19. A quick search for Valorant brought up some results. Mostly just about updating your stuff.

  20. The user guide for this card requires a 600w PSU. Listen to the manual. Don't skimp on a PSU.

  21. Running that high of temperatures isn't good and over time, with games requiring more resources, it's going to get worse. It'll throttle your CPU if it gets too hot which means it'll cut performance down to do so. I've blue screened because of high temps. Get a better cooler. An AIO will cut your temps in half (did for me).

  22. Isn't it the board with the fan facing downward? That's some type of card. Any labels on it?

  23. I have this desk in black. It sells for about 250$ which is nuts I think. Its a MALM desk if you want to look at it on their site. Its served me well over the years. It's fairly sturdy with the drawer set. It has an angle bracket to hold the leg from kicking out but I don't use it. Its a typical Ikea build in terms of materials. Hardboard with a cardboard honeycomb structure for support inside. Like I said, it's served me well over the years.

  24. I like that you liquid cooled with chick FIL a sauce. Very efficient heat transfer fluid.

  25. Thermite. That's how you ensure its ultimate destruction.

  26. WHEA UNCORRECTABLE is a hardware problem. I just solved this by adding an AIO. CPU temps were way too high. Fix your thermal paste, make sure your AIO is working properly.

  27. I never intended to get more than one printer but it just kinda happened and now I have 2. Got a tevo tornado from an estate sale for dirt cheap along with a stack of filament. Been playing with it for a few months. Not as intuitive as the prusa. Its my fuck around printer.

  28. I've been using this brand for a while now. Its worked great for me.

  29. Never owned a creality but I love my prusa. And from what I see on this sub, why would you want a creality over a prusa (other than price)? Maintenance is important. A good machine shouldn't break down if you take time to take care of it.

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