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  1. People just hate new characters overall. Nothing new. I love all the new additions to FG and AD idk what y’all are on

  2. As for AD, I just can't stand Billy and how prominent he is.

  3. He is like Lisa from The Simpsons where he used to be the voice of reason and was smart but now he is just an annoying mouthpiece and an egotistical poser who will now pander to women he wants to sleep with and he only cares about how people see him and thinks he is smarter than everyone else.

  4. I mean, that's fine, you're allowed your opinion (and for the record the downvotes seem unwarranted here), but your -passion- here is... kind of a lot lol

  5. I like how he mentions nebula is a cyborg with advanced alien technology but that Bucky isn’t a SUPER HUMAN WITH ADVANCED WAKANDA TECHNOLOGY.

  6. But there is another new Rihanna song after mid-credits scene so some folks might choose to stay

  7. So just comedy? Well, even though I enjoy her comedy, there's other movies she's done that have given her more to do. Ingrid Goes West is probably the most notable one, but there's also Legion, Black Bear, and she's in the new season of The White Lotus. So maybe swim around in the pool before you decide to take a shit in it.

  8. Is it racist to want casting to look like their respective source material?

  9. Autopsy of Jane Doe and CoC should be at the top of your list. I would also highly recommend Barbarian on HBO Max if you have it.

  10. Reminds me of when they did the Chris Brown & Rihanna episode and not-Rihanna was killed at the end.

  11. While we're on the subject of this scene, can someone explain the scene to me? Who is the guy and why did he come in the room and hit the other guy? And why was he wearing no clothes?

  12. Is that Jeff Goldblum's planet from Ragnarok? How does it work differently? Time seemed to follow consistently with Asgard, which also flows consistently with earth, so I don't get how a kid could age so rapidly over a few years.

  13. To be clear though, none of this was explicitly stated in the show. He and Bruce show up for 10 seconds at the end and Bruce says "hey this is my son." So most likely it will be explained later on.

  14. Has it been stated before whether anyone from behind the scenes of the original show will be working on this new show?

  15. I started this series, is it worth finishing, I saw too many people say they didn’t like it.

  16. Just a bad ending. But it's based (very loosely) on a true story so I think they tried to keep the ending kinda close to real life.

  17. That could make sense. Wow that didn't run across my mind at all.

  18. I saw this on Twitter and the statement that was trying to be made was that black people tend to not show support for their black friends when they start businesses.

  19. M'Baku looks like he just got a whiff of something foul

  20. I think the first 2 or 3 episodes were the hardest to watch, but after that, it was just depressing.

  21. I stopped lexapro cold turkey 2 weeks ago (I do not recommend to anyone) and I felt better instantly when I started taking fish oil and vitamin D. Not sure which one is the one that helped me though. Maybe a combination of both.

  22. I see you've been watching The Cleveland Show... Is everything alright?

  23. Basset doesn't belong in that list. He's so disgusting and can't act.

  24. My favorite cartoon sitcom mom. Followed closely by Linda Belcher.

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