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  1. Ive had this exact same thing happen with a plant 😂 Funny to see somebody else had it happen hahah

  2. Highland park 12 for €30? I need to move to whoever you are. It’s £40 here!

  3. 32,95€ online right now, not discounted. It’s not rare to find it online for 30.

  4. Do you mean smoke when you say peppery aftertaste? Sort of the same flavour you get in JW black. If you’d like, it may be worth to explore sherried whiskys or sweeter ones. Glendronach 12, aberlour 12, glenmorangie lasanta, dalmore 12. These are all quite friendly as well.

  5. 150€ for me would be Glenmorangie Signet. Cheaper options would be Bunna 12 or PC10, in that order

  6. What whisky do you use for your scotch and coke? If its black label, you may enjoy peat/smoke.

  7. Thank you very much for your response, really appreciate it! I've just had jack Daniels and coke at friends, and red label too I think, but not often even super strong so has mainly been the coke!

  8. Jameson is even friendlier than most scotches I listed. But you get slightly unpleasant notes in it since it’s cheap and the target audience are not neat drinkers

  9. They may enjoy bunnahabhain 12. It has no peat, slightly smoky but full of flavour. In my opinion, the best ‘cheap’ complex single malt

  10. I enjoy the flavor far more than the buzz. Honestly, and I may be in the minority, I’d love to be able to drink without getting a buzz lol it would make sampling a lot of different whiskies and doing side by side comparisons a lot easier.

  11. Exactly what I was thinking. If the flavour and mouthfeel was the exact same but no intoxication, wow! That would be great. Have some at work, while driving and other places where you avoid alcohol because of the intoxication aspect of it. I’d like to add to this that it would make this hobby very expensive (more than it already is!) if you could just drink half a bottle without consequence 😅

  12. What price is the bottle at for you? And what are similarly priced alternatives? We can’t really advice you properly. Judging by the bottles picked up, you enjoy both peat and non peat.

  13. Could anybody explain how all of the world’s militaries are unable to stop gigantic murder lizards disrupting life? None of the land based animals would survive once a government would decide to make the streets safer. Everything in the sky would be killed definately, nobody would want air traffic disrupted. The mosasaur would disrupt worldwide shipping. No way ANYBODY would allow for this. You bet your ass that mosasaur sushi would be coming soon.

  14. Enjoy! I’d love to try some or buy some SMWS bottles but their annual fee just makes it not worth it unless you live in Uk

  15. Exactly! That's all that matters. And Laphroig makes for the best hot toddy!

  16. Weirdly, I found Ardbeg friendlier than the Frog and Laga. Taste really is subjective haha 😅

  17. As a person that hated peat the first time they tried it (Laphraoig 10), the port charlotte was absolutely fantastic. You’re in for a treat!

  18. They had some the week before last, when I dropped by the last one was just being sold.

  19. What time did you go? It seems to be sold out within the hour to scalpers/lucky people everytime I do visit and they happen to get stock in the morning

  20. I don't have much to add but definitely go with the newest bottle of Glendronach 21 that you can find. 2022 it is min 27 years and it's the oldest it'll be.

  21. Oh yes, thank you! This is what I was wondering. I remember an article about the ‘real’ ages in the bottles. I don’t know where to get the 2022, but if I can’t find it I’ll go for the 2021

  22. You can’t go wrong with Glendronach 21, but if you are not stuck on an age statement then maybe go with Glenmorangie Signet, it tends to be a real crowd pleaser.

  23. Thanks for the tip! I have a half full signet sitting somewhere in the cabinet, I love it. I will absolutely keep it in mind

  24. Here in Germany I pay 35€ on Amazon

  25. I’m in NL so not sure about DE, but as far as I know, we get 500mL bottles. Americans get 750mL because some laws they have. Explains the differences in price I think

  26. This is a great recommendation for that pricerange and the minimal burn criterium!! (Edit: your ( gregusmeus)recommendation made me look through recent posts and it seems we think alike hahaha)

  27. Not a scotch but it’s the first thing that came to mind when I read the title: Redbreast 12! It’s sooo creamy

  28. Not facing this issue with the S7MVU, since it wets the mop at the beginning of each session. Which confirms that this model R&D was based on the fact that it will only be used with the dock. Hence the small trash bin, the smelly mop if not washed and the issue you mentioned of having dry sections of the mop.

  29. Look for Redbreast 12. This is $70 around me. Don't know if that breaks your bank.

  30. I second this! If you find the 12 cask strength, that’s sooo good as well!! Have fun and enjoy :)

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