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  1. Were any BF5 / solo records recorded to tape or were they all tracked into Pro Tools? I know the first few records were relatively primitive. Do these tapes still exist or have they been destroyed?

  2. Will there ever be more Ben Folds Five? Are you, Darren and Sledge still in touch?

  3. I found a copy of this for $13 used at my local shop not that long ago. Huge score, amazing pressing.

  4. Don't be discouraged, they can be found somewhat affordably. I got my OG mono in VG condition only last year for about $60.

  5. If you love this album, try and find a mono original. To my ears, that is by far the best sounding copy. I’ve had this MOFI and sold it because the tape hiss was really overbearing.

  6. This has gotten absolutely horrible in the last year or so with Discogs. What is even the way forward for them? Their platform is overrun by scammers.

  7. This is a dumb post for a music forum. Anyone who really loves music knows not to pigeonhole a genre into one descriptor.

  8. You should read Jeff Tweedy's book "How To Write One Song". I think it would have a lot of answers to your question.

  9. What’s childish is throwing money at sportsball when you’re 48th in the nation in education.

  10. “Sportsball” + inferring that everyone who likes NASCAR is dumb. Man, you sound like a blast.

  11. I’ve always found NASCAR to be a bit of a conundrum. I’m sure it’s awesome to be a driver. That has to be fun as hell. The crew is obviously packed with intelligent people who know their stuff and are fantastic engineers and mechanics.

  12. I'm in a weird place, I subscribed to vmp for 1 year last August. I have Monk's Music coming in June, and get 1 more month until my sub is done. I think I want to resubscribe, and this is the weird part, I don't really want the 8 free records. If my wife sees a package show up with 8 records, she's gonna lose it. Not sure what to do, as I've really enjoyed my time, and the rock sub would make it even more enticing.

  13. Do we know any of these guys' political affiliations? I know Fox News wasn't quite the cesspool it is now in 2008.

  14. I'm 29, so I wasn't really aware of what was going on then. I just figured it couldn't possibly get worse than it is now?

  15. Princes has thoroughly sucked ever since the og closed

  16. My first copy of this had a ridiculous amount of surface noise. I returned it.

  17. Agreed. I’m worried/ nervous they’ll ruin the fest by booking the same pop bands as every other fest.

  18. They just booked Pavement to close out their festival for god's sakes, I don't think they're gonna hard pivot that fast.

  19. Tbh I probably wouldn’t have, but my friend knows I’m a huge Pavement fan and snapped it to send to me

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