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  1. Can’t say I trust those little stoppers if there is an emergency to stop me from falling 50 meters to my death

  2. Idk who Ron Johnson is but when you press your phone to your head it turns off the screen so you don’t accidentally press buttons with your face.

  3. Well the ad worked, you just gave them free advertisement. The advertising team aren’t as dumb as you think. They most probably know that people will talk and post about it, if you look at this sub you will see it’s almost souly made for this, these company’s have millions upon millions of dollars and professionals to hire professional advertisement firms.

  4. They’re trying to sell it as being completely new and better than the first one, although honestly from what I’ve seen it just looks boring, but I guess it really depends who you ask and that is relevant to any game release

  5. i can’t even play a match of overwatch without being bored 5 mins later. being killed by people above my skill level repetitively isn’t fun at all.

  6. Honestly I wasn’t really that into the game from the start and I thought maybe the second one might be better but if you showed me gameplay of the first one and the second one , I could barely see a difference. Look at cod even they change it up in timeline and such and in battlefield, but in the trailer and interviews for overwatch there isn’t much, it almost looks like a different game mode more then a new game.

  7. Not all but most of these kinds of watches are cheep Chinese watches and can be found in tourist flee markets. Im sure there are some that are high quality but they are slim to non. I’ve seen it in a cheep tourist flee market in London and in my country as well.

  8. There’s something very surreal and beautiful about these old magazines and old ads. It’s a different world now and it shows, and I absolutely despise ads.

  9. Man that cop really looked like he was not having it poor guy looks like he didn’t sleep in days :(

  10. In around 10 minutes alternations I move to the other side to get the cold side and let the other side cool over and over until I fall asleep

  11. police was in the right, the "protests" resulted in many officers being pelted and some being killed (idk exact count). so yea, it isn't horrible to see that.

  12. These third world country’s usually don’t have much gear like rubber bullets or any thing of the like, though it still seems a excessive to shoot. Did they fire warning shots beforehand?

  13. I've see early instar cockroach nymphs at a little over half a centimeter, is that about the right size?

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