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Some messages from my (F20) dad and his new girlfriend from the past 2 years, since I decided to go no-contact due to YEARS of extreme physical and verbal abuse. More info in comments.

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  1. From one loss parent to another, please allow me to send my condolences. It's a terrible group to be a part of but I would be happy to share some amazing resources, should you ever want them.

  2. But something’s definitely happening end of October. Noticing people stocking up on processed sugar and buying up camouflage. Hearing rumors of multiple nighttime operations on the 31st

  3. Took me a minute. I approve of this conspiracy theory!

  4. Thanks. I try to be a rational person and not get all worked up over nothing! But there sure is a lot of talk on FB and the like, so I thought maybe I'd missed something critical.

  5. I'm not your grandma, but I do love you. Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest.

  6. The mods are concerned this post will be a honeypot that attracts all the creeps that lurk here and hit on women that comment. We hate it, we're sorry that it's a problem. Report and we'll ban them.

  7. Thanks for that consideration. ♥

  8. I'm bored. I am showered with compliments and expressions of love from my husband, so that's a good thing. I know that's something not everyone has, so I am grateful.

  9. Not likely worrisome. If it does not resolve in a month or two, consider seeking care.

  10. I love it!!! So imaginative. Will you make me one now? :D

  11. If you are serious, I would LOOOOOVE that and will totally pay for mats, shipping, your time, etc ♥

  12. Coyotes can sound like a woman laughing, especially in a foggy environment that does odd things to acoustics. Foxes also, when trying to attract a mate, make weird screaming sounds. Any of those might sound like a giggle given the fog and possible distance.

  13. This actually sounds pretty awesome. So, will you marry me? I will need a reason to move there. (My husband and kids and dogs have to come with me.)

  14. Deeper details, for anyone interested:

  15. I'm invested now. Keep going! :D

  16. We do read them, but the negging is very unattractive to be perfectly honest. It is offputting and a bit of a red flag for women our age. Probably any age.

  17. You are a young woman and I am over twice your age, so it is difficult to say this without sounding condescending, so please know that it is not intended to be.

  18. Super YTA. Don't you think the kid might be struggling with finding his place in the world? A week of relaxation, hanging out doing silly things with his young siblings, and not stressing about his first steps into adulthood might be a huge benefit to this young man.

  19. Very cool. Not 100 sure about the sword, would like something a bit more traditional. Ubless you have a cool story behind it.

  20. The sword glows with a gold enchant and looks better in game. I need to figure out how to use those nifty video apps to show off the full look :)

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