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  1. I think there are a lot of us pepinos in this sub!

  2. Hola! Don’t forget, the H is silent unless you have a rilly, rilly bad accent!

  3. Top Notch Beefburger! Open 70 years, and it is very good.

  4. I’m just so smol and cute! Don’tcha just love me?!

  5. I wonder! It would be interesting to learn more about their relationship.

  6. I do know Markus and Scooby-doo were boyfriends.

  7. It hurts without money. Doria was 1. paid with British money, iuntil KC stopped it and 2. got half a million for the NF shitshow - all most likely has some other grifts going on.

  8. They established a senior care company, sheltered in Delaware and Doria ( with no background whatsoever) is the CEO. CASH ONLY, and the location is a mystery. Seems like a way to give her money as a “salary.”

  9. Yes it’s the young ones that she calls twins that are always kissing and holding hands. It’s so off. They are made to act like a little married could and play house together. They don’t know any better and it’s so wrong that she makes them do that especially when she posts it online. That will always be there.

  10. They been taught and encouraged by Big Larry and their siblings cheer them on. The video on it is just awful.

  11. They been taught and encouraged by Big Larry and their siblings cheer them on. The video on it is just awful.

  12. You must fly to France. They are more welcome than children over there.

  13. Awesome! I actually have a trip planned there and was wondering about that!

  14. First time? I’ve been often, and going back again next month. Would you like a few tips or are you an old hand?

  15. Farming accidents are the worst. Terrifying stuff.

  16. Now we know why NAACP gave them a fake award.

  17. My dad threw me in the pool and my head hit the side of the wall. Thankfully there are people and programs for us to work this thru.

  18. I’m sad that happened to you. You sure deserved more kindness as a child.

  19. Thanks! Little did I know that was the continuation of generational abuse! Nobody deserves to be abused. It’s up to this generation to stop it from the next, just my humble opinion!

  20. You will do better than what was done to you, and that’s how true change occurs. ❤️

  21. Ewwwwww.... if she really wrote these. The over-confidence is embarrassing to watch. "Suits star Meghan..." Correct me if I'm wrong; but when one is called a star or the star of a show, it means you have the principal role or lead. No?

  22. In my experience, it’s used both ways. Specifically the leads, but I’ve seen it listing anyone as a star if you are simply a low-ranking regular on TV. Big stretch.

  23. I’m glad about that. You are a survivor! I’m impressed that you lived through it all.

  24. Let’s hope we don’t get her back. I suspect she’d abandon her children in a nanosecond. The spin will be a) I cannot ruin my reputation (🤣) by remaining married to ‘Harry the Druggy’ and b) the RF are stealing my children by stealth.

  25. Gosh, cocaine at 17, ayahuasca, magic mushrooms, ketamine, marijuana, and ecstacy sounds like a user not a dabbler. And “most” have not done all these drugs. I hope the U.S. boots him out.

  26. It's bad enough that he took them, but to admit to still taking them and actually saying that they are helpful to him in an interview is several layers of stupid. You have to hand it to the palace's PR team, his "soldier and party prince" image persisted for years. Now we know he is a stupid and petty man.

  27. As his real behavior became more and more clear, admiration for the courtiers increased. They had their hands full.

  28. It's more a matter of, "Sorry, Harry - Coronations have to go a certain way and security is quite high. This is how it has to go."

  29. I'm torn on that - he clearly needs to be on camera more often, but we don't want them on camera more often. But I would think he knows how to keep them quiet, considering the way they sulked off after the church service at the Jubilee...

  30. “He was born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad.” Scaramouche

  31. It is Wallace Simpson. She is the original Markle, hated and reviled by most during her lifetime but now seen as Mother Teresa compared to Markle. Markle has actually styled herself as Simpson on numerous occasions. She and Harold are very much alike Wallace and Edward, history DOES repeat itself, but sadly King Charles has not done as his grandfather wisely did : he exiled Wallace and Edward.

  32. Funny how much she hates Trump when she's using his playbook. I think she does think her fans will rise up and protest that the Monarchy was stolen from her.

  33. I have thought this SO often. She uses his tactics. Lie, obfuscate, repeat stories of being treated “badly”, accuse others of your own sins, etc.

  34. I really hope we aren’t all introduced to Camilla’s children’s children at the most sacred part of the coronation. Read the room.

  35. You have the whole Pepino Nation hoping for calm and peace and no sorrow in your life.

  36. YES! I agree. Moaning Harold should absolutely refund British tax payers for his pathetic legal tantrum. While he's at it, he can also reimburse them for that £32 million wedding "spectacle" he so graciously agreed to. 🙄

  37. It kills me IF they need security, shouldn’t they be living somewhere off the grid OR at least one of the MANY other places in Cali?? Northern Cali is nice and affordable, without intrusion. If you MUST have a home in Montecito, isn't there affordable , three/four bedroom homes??

  38. I keep saying that anyone else would have gotten a visit years ago. Someone on this sub argued with me a few weeks back that CPS has "real" cases to manage. I don't know where to begin with that nonsense, so let me answer from personal experience.

  39. I’m sad for the unfair shake you’ve gotten, pepino.

  40. You have no idea how much that means to me. My experience has been an ongoing nightmare that I fully understand is meant in theory to protect my children. I have nothing to hide; I'm not chaining abt ppl.doing theor job with mychildren. I do have a problem with how unevenly handed women/mothers/families are treated in this system. Thank you fornyour kindness. You don't have an idea how much it means to me, really.

  41. Sometimes the best part of a day is being seen when you feel invisible. Life can hold so much joy, but so much pain, too. ❤️

  42. My absolute favorite thing is how her face has changed so much she looks nothing like her painting. It has the first date time period face.

  43. Idk how old you are but, assuming you’re actually much older, is that how you want me to feel and talk about myself when I’m your age!??

  44. My ex dated a psycho narcissist, whom he met when she was an escort.

  45. The substance abuse masks the reality of his life.

  46. Yeah the ginger comment was so sad. Made me so embarrassed for him

  47. I understand and felt the same way. He clearly felt he was dumb and a liability, just a ginger with no real ability to get a pretty, smart girl (in his eyes).

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