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NASA Administrator comments on Extraterrestrial life

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  • By - Ani10

Valonia Ventricosa, The Largest Single-Celled Organism On Earth. Yep, This Is A Single Living Cell

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  1. 90% is about as good as it can get, no matter the population, at least in my experience. As long as you don't have any traffic jams you're fine.

  2. The so-called "zombie fires" (thus named because they won't die, but kinda "hibernates" for a lack of better words) have been going on for years:

  3. I’m not saying the world is ending, but what I am saying is, if the world were ending, it would probably feel a lot like this

  4. I was watching the streamer Sour on one of his vids, and idk if it was a modded server or not (think so) but it had these house packs you could find that put down a blue print of the house and you had to go and find x amount of each material to build it. I thought it was a simple and excellent addition that negates the whole having to awkwardly build in a set building.

  5. And would let you hide in the woods, instead of on a building clearly marked on iZurvive

  6. I guess that’s how you know they need you.

  7. I worked for a few months for this tree trimming company. The boss was such a hyper controlling cunt (had microphones in our cubicles to make sure we were only talking about work stuff, had a screen monitor and would IM us if we were on Pandora or whatever, etc). One day, during a chewing out over on of her own fuckups, I basically put my hand up and was like “you know what? I’m done.” And went and packed up my desk. A few months later I get a call asking if I would consider coming back. Man did I have to bite my tongue but that was such a satisfying “Nah, I’m good”. I hope she sensed the seething “fuck your self” in it.

  8. He’s the most perfect president for the right wing voter. He’s exactly like them. A grade A moron.

  9. Probably dead. Seeing a pup this young far from the den is unusual. These aren’t possums where mom carries the litter around. They have dens and pups stay home, often with caretakers. This pup is likely looking for mom.

  10. I can neither confirm nor deny that, but I will say that the Auxiliary Machinist Mates do turn up the oxygen percentage on the boat to keep us awake longer.

  11. Interesting. I work in a grow house where the co2 is quite elevated. I wonder if that’s why I’m so dog tired at the end of the day.

  12. From a “lore” point of view, it wouldn’t make much sense for high tier loot to be in there. You wouldn’t leave that kind of stuff on bodies thrown in there for the purpose of being disposed of/burned.

  13. Maybe a few high tier geared “guards” or soldiers that were killed in an ambush by other infected or maybe just a few high tier infected down there, trapped

  14. I'm positive that any worthy gear would have been stripped from the bodies before disposal. Think of how governments are today. The poor bite it first. Majority of the bodies are common folk. This is why there are gas zones. To kill zombies despite if there are survivors.

  15. I don’t think you understood what I’m saying. Not the bodies to be burned, soldiers who were there to burn the bodies but were killed or infected and sealed in

  16. "And that went well with the addition of no minimap/cards server, makes the heists really fun"

  17. Maybe you can have a big map but you dont see your or any moving icon. That keeps it realistic and fun

  18. I love the harder survival mode servers too. You know, the ones that have all that but also, starvation, overheating, and freezing are all lethal, animal spawns are highly reduced and enemy bullet damage is doubled. If they didn’t fix the stealth system, I’m not sure how you could get anything done!

  19. Lol I have been having emerald crabs eat the crap out of these in my reef tank for years

  20. Republicans have trust in science, but not the spokesmen.

  21. A fetus is human, scientifically. At least, in terms of whatever species it is being present in the DNA.

  22. It is made of human DNA but it is not a “person”. Sort of like how a teratoma (a tumor with teeth, bones, hair, etc) has human DNA but is not a person. Until the embryo can survive outside the womb, it is not considered to be a living human/person yet.

  23. I read and imagined the scene. I'm sleeping in my mom's room tonight.

  24. Yep. This is the primary reason I don't date celebrities. We're from two different worlds and it would never work out.

  25. “Ok, then how about sex Ed so everyone can be educated on safe sex and how to avoi-“

  26. Yeah, people act like sex with underage girls is the only reason anyone would want to party with a billionaire. I’m sure this is a controversial opinion, but some people might have just been using him for his vast wealth and access to power.

  27. That’s what the whole final season feels like to me. It feels like the cast and writers fell too in love with their characters and got all sappy, instead of staying true to what the show always was about: just normal people in an office. Making them all buddy buddy and like a big family kinda detracts from the central conceit of the show

  28. This is why I’ve never watched past Michael leaving. I just take that as the end of the show and restart

  29. Women’s elevated anxiety, depression and stress during pregnancy altered key features of the fetal brain, which subsequently decreased their offspring’s cognitive development at 18 months. These changes also increased internalizing and dysregulation behaviors, according to a new study by Children’s National Hospital published in JAMA Network Open. Researchers followed a cohort of 97 pregnant women and their babies. The findings further suggest that persistent psychological distress after the baby is born may influence the parent-child interaction and infant self-regulation.

  30. I learned about this 10 years ago in evolutionary anthropology. Pregnant women who experience higher levels of stress during pregnancy tend to have children with lower cognitive abilities but greater physical abilities. Women who don’t experience much stress tend to have children with higher cognitive ability but lower physical ability. It’s not always this way but the way my professor described it is, women who experience high stress during pregnancy are very likely in a war/ violent situation or something like it and so her offspring prioritize physical strength over brain power to deal with this. Basically, creating warriors.

  31. Willingly travels to an authoritarian nation? Surprised when authoritarian nonsense happens.

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