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  1. Yeah, I believe Mussolini was a Marxist when he was younger, but then a nationalist/fascist later.

  2. When he was younger, he was a socialist, but he was never a Marxist, and he was super reactionary and war hungry.

  3. If I'm not mistaken, haz is the pro russia kind of "leftist" which is basically a red fascist

  4. Yeah it varies congregation to congregation. The one local to me is pretty good and pro science, but ymmv.

  5. I always just thought “Unitarian” and I think that keeps it short

  6. True, but I don’t think it’s inaccurate enough to the general populace — who maybe only barely know of Unitarians to start with.

  7. Pelosi-backed house candidate is a gun nut and anti-women's rights, anti-abortionist who is a fiscal conservative and who will tank the Dem agenda. She backed this person over someone who is pro-democracy, pro-women rights, and pro-gun control because they were progressive. But totally different as I am sure will be pointed out by the usual suspects.

  8. Yeah the dems are funding the worst elements of right wing politicians so that

  9. The difference is in one a man has to cope with not overriding the autonomy of a woman and in the other, he condemns a child and woman to a life of suffering and poverty

  10. Damn I didn’t think this would get raided by conservatives but here we are.

  11. Obviously these are tough decisions and not something that should be taken lightly, but this is something that should be decided between kids, their parents, medical professionals, and therapists.

  12. I see a ot of dashboards here that are just fluff, anyone actually using theirs for legit organization to get through grad school or something similar? Mine has zero bells and whisltes, it's straight up a list of all the shit I have to do.

  13. It’s not for school, but I do have a finance system I’m working on in notion and I do actually use it.

  14. I didn't need one in undergrad but grad school is more self-governed, they assign readings then your grade is one big paper at semesters end. If I don't stick to it I'll bomb out.

  15. Yeah this is what I keep hearing. I’m so not looking forward to that.

  16. They'll blame faschist militias shooting security forces on queer anarchists and religious minorities?

  17. No, they’ll further integration of the fascist elements, and when issues arise, they’ll oversimplify the situation, and blame ordinary people and those without power.

  18. That seems like a whole lot of assuming the worst. You sure this isnt you just being a bit prematurely paranoid?

  19. I wonder what the fuck he was smoking when drawing this

  20. It doesn’t have to be accurately drawn by a 7 year old. Just recognizably.

  21. I think these guys are a fake organization created in an attempt to jump-start a civil war by the powers that be.

  22. Well they have a version of the “patriot front” flag, so while you could be right, I’d lean towards saying they’re real

  23. I love how it’s a boog boy too. Like libertarians don’t get anything do they?

  24. I’ve never meet a boogaloo boy who wasn’t a libertarian though

  25. You’re right but they’re a bit more fash than that and no one ever seems to recognize them

  26. Thanks for signing up to AOC facts! You will now receive fun daily facts about AOC.

  27. Looks cool but you'd probably get some wired stares if you tried to ride this on a bike path.

  28. Rightoids are such whiners.

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