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  1. Not need to turn everything off. My contract is 4G only so i turned 5G off. I dont really see a difference if i turn down Hz to 60. I not have live wallpaper or many widgets, and the now playing function i not need it too. Work at home with wifi all day. At the end it depends on what u need. I get 8 hours sot wirh above settings.

  2. Dont get fooled! Yes it was buggy in the beginning, now many things have been fixed. The battery issue with mobile network has been fixed in the beta 13 too. I love mine and i would never want a other phone than a pixel.

  3. DUDE!!! You actually saw that and converted from Naira to USD?? Respect!!! Yeah it sells for that and it even used to be lower. We are a top crude oil exporter in the world so the Government subsidies petrol.

  4. Do you import the refined petrol then? How come diesel is so much more expensive? I guess a lot of the industries use diesel there?

  5. Not bad, i get about same SOT. My screen off time is about 100 hours.

  6. 2.1%h screen off time!? So overnight you lost 20% only the phone be there.

  7. The dude from passed away in thailand. I liked bananahotties, was similar.

  8. I had the S22 Ultra before. Look that you also get a powerbank with it. The battery is horrible awful at the s22 line.

  9. I'd say keep the Ultra over Pixel 6 pro. Seems to have better features and performance.

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