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  1. TL/DR /RP I’m convinced AXI and Azimuth worked together to sabotage this ship. Prove me wrong.

  2. You’re the one making the accusation. The burden of proof is yours.

  3. You’re not thinking 4th dimensionally Marty. They snuck it in during the loading of the cargo before the ship left for permit locked space.

  4. The fuck do I care what other people do? As long as it doesn’t fuck with me in any way, peace.

  5. Wow this is one toxic ass community lol. 30 downvotes for promoting holostars and the hololive brand and 17 upvotes for “I don’t watch males”

  6. What’s fresh enough? Warm? Cold is not fresh enough? Like Subway, Eat Fresh?

  7. Personally I’m good with any temp as long as it’s lubed up and ready to slide in.

  8. The smell will announce it to the house and the hungry will come looking. Mmmmmmm pizza rolls 🤤

  9. FIFA blackmailed multiple teams into not wearing the OneLove band. They’re basically saying that they’re being silenced by FIFA.

  10. Why can’t they just wear the one love band or just not show up to the World Cup in protest? What’s fifa gonna do if nobody shows up?

  11. That’s why I watch hentai then tell my wife to take notes, this is how a woman should act in bed. :3

  12. You forgot the engine makes a cute little squeeeeee noise when it boosts.

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