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  1. I’m not anti-episodic at all. It would be something new the franchise hasn’t done before (GG being middle ground for testing such a concept).

  2. For one moment I thought this is the live action version of the Earth Defense Club anime.

  3. I’m into this Japanese version of the White Stripes. It looks like they’d put out music that goes hard but would still be totally upbeat.

  4. I’m just here with my Digimon/Chobits fusion, where everyone in the world just has a Digimon for a smart device/AI and goes on about their business.

  5. “Have your heard the good news about our lord and savior Fruit Jesus? Well let me tell you…”

  6. Well the Ghostbusters piloted it essentially as a mecha so it's not that far fetched!

  7. As long as Higher And Higher still plays when the cannon fires.

  8. I was so baffled by this comment until I realized it was about Bep1er haha, I've been reading it as Bepler.

  9. Pretty sure it is supposed to be “Bepler.” But are you even really a western K-Pop fan if you don’t mangle a group name for fun?

  10. Just pray they don't name the group Copern1cus or Gal1leo

  11. I mean, I’m also a Star Trek fan so I’d kind of live. “안녕하세요, Voyager 입니다!” Though they’d probably use “Enterpr1se” or “T1tan” if they absolutely needed the 1. Maybe “Def1ant,” but that’s less obvious. Though I’d never stop laughing if they picked “Deep Space 9.”

  12. Without hearing the audio, this is a commercial about not having any Grey Poupon.

  13. It really doesn’t and I was explicit about that. Antihero = does bad things for (arguably) good reasons. Villain = does bad things for bad reasons. Buffa started out as the former IMO and is becoming the latter.

  14. Why do you still insist it's not? Where did you get that "traditional definition" from and why is that the "fact" for you?

  15. I think a better question is why are you trying to squeeze these characters into such ill-fitting and frankly superfluous roles? Ace isn’t an antihero by most people’s definition of the word, he’s just very clever and operating from a position of experience in winning the DGP. And having seen your interpretation of what you think antiheroes, etc. are I think your analysis is needlessly complicated and skewed. Nothing he has done in the show qualifies for that label, and I wouldn’t say anyone qualifies as an antivillain here. Your insistence otherwise just seems like you trying very hard to apply moral standards for these characters that are unorthodox at best and don’t do a very good job of nailing down their motives or actual moralities. Particularly it seems like your views of the Geats characters and Ace especially are ignoring a lot of character nuance and context provided by the actual events in the show.

  16. BBTS infamously ships its merch very late, often months after other stores get their stock in. As another poster said it’s cool that you’re not charged until your preorder comes in, whenever that might be, but if you want something the second it’s available BBTS probably isn’t the way to go.

  17. I don't really mind it taking a while, just verifying this is common. I often back board games or buy limited run/pre-order vinyl which is the same.

  18. A lot of alternatives have already been mentioned, like HLJ. Amazon Japan is also very good, and Mandarake for secondhand but often unopened and still in excellent condition goods.

  19. Yanma isn't a president as in a politician. He's a president as in a company president. "Shachou"

  20. A company president who is essentially a delinquent gang leader. So basically a regular CEO, but of Japanese youth hackers.

  21. Yeah, FoL is infamous for having Super Sentai merch of the era when the characters opened up a gift shop.

  22. What do you mean why is that there, it’s called a viceroy. Kings have stuff to do so sometimes one’s plushie deals with administration.

  23. One of the best moments in the series. Still going to give top marks to Bass Attorney though.

  24. And these things are called “Gods”, lol

  25. Because gods don’t fight amongst themselves or aren’t petty? Have you read mythology?

  26. I’m a mythology nerd, I know gods can get petty, but here it just feels particularly goofy and ironic to how you’d probably expect giant godlike bug machines with mass amounts of power to act.

  27. I mean, we can say all we want about storytelling and digital visuals and new directions for the season’s concept, but at the end of the day this is still Super Sentai. This is exactly how I expect the Shugods to act when left to their own devices. And since so much of the formation is dominated by God Kuwagata I kind of live for it getting smacked around.

  28. Anyone remember this show called Mummies Alive (97')

  29. I’m pretty sure this isn’t supposed to be bigger than life size, but “Gigantic” is an odd choice of words.

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