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A Linear Progression Based PPL Program for Beginners

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  1. Lol no. A beginner should focus more on compound movements than isolations. Rows and pullups with a few curls at the end will be much better overall.

  2. Could you tell me why I should focus on compound movements? I am doing the popular Reddit PPL routine does that have enough compound movements or should I switch it up to something else, if yes can you recommend something?

  3. 5+ and like 2 is fairly vague but it sounds like a decent rate of gain if it's 2kg in 5 weeks.

  4. Are you doing dips as well? Your triceps and front delts are probably weak. As well as all the other advice given, throw in dips as this will help make your triceps and front delts stronger, which will help tremendously with OHP and Bench press

  5. Lete ask you. Is the weight to heavy for you to perform 5x5? If it is deload. How many times have you deloaded in the past couple weeks? If it is more than 2 or more times, then your body is not recovering well enough. Either transition to 3x5, or up your recovery game.

  6. So my last session with ohp my first set was 30kg I failed at it by one rep, and the other sets once de loaded were still quite heavy and I barely managed to do them. I de loaded 2 times.

  7. You're fine. The driver will probably toss it into a lost and found bin. Someone will call the bus company and get it back if they want it.

  8. Sounds like extremely active to me for sure.

  9. Just pick one. It doesn’t really matter. Adjust after a couple weeks if needed.

  10. I never noticed I wrote 40. So with the bar being 20kg and with me adding 10kg weights that's 30kg, and with 30kg I can do 8 reps, the workout that I am following indicates that I should be doing 32.5 this week but I just was not able to, on Tuesday I did do 7 reps but today I did 5 reps of 32.5kg and I had to drop down to 30kg since the workout routine I'm following tells to do 8 reps. I don't know if this makes sense?

  11. It makes sense. But we’re you suppose to drop the weight from 32.5kg to 30kg if you failed to hit all 8 reps?

  12. No clue with where you are in your lifting program. I'm assuming you're new, so the lack of progression wise likely from rest/nutrition perspective.

  13. I am 5'10 around 66kg and 17 years old, and yes I am quite new, I get around 6-7 hours of sleep, and I eat like 2300 calories a day

  14. dope if you have other questions I'm glad to answer them good luck at the gym

  15. I just finished my first pull day with this workout, and we'll when I started doing pull ups first set I did all 8 second and third I had to get down take 5 second break and to is 8 reps. Is this okay?

  16. 1 set 8 reps,. 2 set 5 reps (5 second break) and another 3 reps,. 3 set same as second set.

  17. I'm also a silver chad scrub like you but I don't die nearly as much as you. Looks like you are dying A LOT in your last 10 games. What helped me was watching Saber's videos on adc decision making. Not taking doomed river skirmishes or joining fights when you have a numbers disadvantage has really helped me. Peaked at silver 1 last season and would do a ton of win lane lose game by taking dumb fights but now I'm flying through silver by focusing on cs and only taking fights we're gonna win.

  18. Thanks, do you have tips on not dying that much in late game. Also how do you practice csing

  19. What Fragrance has a similar smell to the old spice bearglove deodorant, I like it so much but the deodorant it self is too weak.

  20. That stuff is super sexy! I love when my husband uses it. That and the "wolf" one. I'd like to find something similar for him. Good luck!

  21. Recently we started playing volleyball in my class and I really started liking the sport, but I noticed that my vertical isn't that good I'm 5'10 and I just barely touch the net on a basketball hoop. Our games are no where near anything you could call good, but sometimes that vertical would really help me. So do you have any exercises I could do to increase my vertical jump? I do have access to the gym. Thank you.

  22. newer bikes doent restrict over throttlestop. the never mt07 gets a software detune. my cb650r has also software and a smaller air inlet.

  23. Where can you do the software detune also is it possible to unrestrict it after I get my A license?

  24. I’d stick with midlane but play someone simpler than irelia, Irelia mid is kind of a soloq stomp pick nowadays after all the nerfs to her.

  25. Highly depends on your preferences. Why did you choose irelia? Becase mobility? flashy gameplay? because she can be tanky? because you like her boo- uh personality?

  26. don't waste bubble for no reason, whenever they try hitting minions they stay still, if you're not playing a super aggro lane and you feel like you can safely go near try putting E on yourself W on the enemy and when they're slowed Q, use it when your team sets you up (ex. jarvan ganks your lane and knockups the enemy, you can chain cc the enemy reliably) if you're super confident use your R THEN Q, it's a guaranteed chain CC, be careful though if the enemy is playing something like vayne they can flash your R and turn it around, which becomes really dangerous since there's no way you can hit a vayne with your Q to peel you and your carry unless she missplays hard.

  27. Ok, your combo makes sense, I mainly use bubble because my carry expects me to apply pressure and poke them.

  28. I’m a 200k nami main and this one tip helped me land so many bubbles. Self cast your e by pressing alt+e on your keyboard and your autos will slow and make it easier to bubble. Also if you r and knock someone up, throw your bubble at them and it will hit unless it’s yasuo or samira. As for the other champs you mentioned I got nothing sorry :)

  29. reps. start close and do form shooting and slowly work ur way back to deeper shots. as for 3s u need to have good energy transfer. as the other guy u can also lower ur set point a bit depending on where it is. for 3s u idealy want it around ur eyes but u could prolly get away with it at ur nose

  30. Can you recommend any strength training exercises, I think I lack the strength even when starting with the ball around my chest height.

  31. just shooting. the best way to get stronger and add range is just shooting more so u build strength in that shooting form. but either way u should be doing full body strength training so ur upper body work would help some. but the best is just shooting more and more

  32. I've played pretty much every champion but I don't know who to main, I also like playing pretty much every champion, I want to learn someone because in my case when I play with a lot of champions I can't really get good at them and don't learn anything from my games , can you recommend what champion to main that is worth putting the time in? I also play mid and top. Thanks

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