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Ukraine applies for fast-track NATO accession

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  1. Well, not money if you want but labor vouchers, which are only a way of tracking everyone's contribution which they can spend on goods and services in a collectivized store.

  2. “Free market anarchist” has to be one of the biggest oxymorons I’ve ever heard. “Yes, no hierarchies except those in private companies, they’re allowed.”

  3. Memes like this exist, get highly upvoted, and then people still call libleft an oxymoron. SMH.

  4. It is just a little weird, because for libleft to work you need a central planning committee. Or a general leader.

  5. Augusto Pinochet was the authoritarian leader of Chile who introduced free market reforms after a US backed coup to overthrow democratically elected (and socialist) Salvador Allende. He’s infamous for those helicopter memes (basically people who disagreed with him would get tossed out of them).

  6. Lmfao, yes we do realise the Nazis should be lib right. Lmfao, the concern camps were mainly corporate owned and not run by gubmint.

  7. Where you are on the auth-lib axis is based on overall authority. It is laughable to think that the Nazis were libertarian.

  8. Fiscal and social issues are intertwined, you can't be left on one and right on the other.

  9. Tankies be like “NATO needs to stop expanding”, while also defending Russia invading Ukraine and then getting surprised when more people want to join NATO.

  10. Tankies: NATO needs to stop expanding! Russia: I will constantly attack and threatened my neighbors. Tankies: Wait why is NATO expanding?

  11. The rise of right wing populism in Europe is of great concern for me and proof that democracy is vulnerable, not to mention that many corrupt governments in the world don’t even have free elections.

  12. But why throw out the baby with the bath water? The way to combat right wing populism is to debate it and outvote it. The precise thing they want is to remove the requirement that their ideas need to get a majority.

  13. Assuming highest number counted out loud means starting from 1 its more about speed than about knowing numbers. A day has 86400 seconds, lets just say you take a second per number (which is probably too little for numbers like 28643). That means it's all about counting faster than 90% of people, so the chance of messing up is pretty high

  14. Classical Liberalism is certainly the most right wing of the three, they definitely prefer laissez-faire over keynsian economic policy, they prefer the lowest form of government intervention.

  15. I suppose that’s fair, I’m considering the western bloc.

  16. Name 10 right libertarian pedos.

  17. Apologies, I didn't mean that as Lib centre, it's all just supposed be libleft. Monke is above such degeneracy.

  18. What about documents that prove that something belongs to you, or can those ONLY exist with the government?

  19. 5-Pol Potism (-75) 4-Positive Christianity (-80) 3-Pinochetism (-87) 2-Plutocracy (-88) 1-National Transhumanism (-89)

  20. Oh man that doesn't look good. I rate it 1/10 (or 1.5/15)

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