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  1. If you want to be the governor of Texas... Don't tell Texans you'll take their guns away...

  2. This is legit interesting as fuck. I love that movie, and this was cool to watch.

  3. I wouldn't eat this shit with a shovel. I know this sub has everything from dog shit to escargot, but this is some pretentious shit that looks like yard work on a plate.

  4. LoL. Dead Alive. “I kick ass for the Lord!”

  5. I was almost moved to tears by the heartfelt sincerity of this. That he spoke it in English rather than his native tongue tells us he wants the whole world, and especially the western world, to see this. Powerful shit.

  6. That was actually pretty funny. What a ride. I honestly could've gone for a little more.

  7. We need to get this dude like an actual bible... This mix n match shits gotta go man.

  8. I'm not saying Venom as a character is the best representation of the term... But I think "Lethal Protector" sums up my thoughts pretty easily. My personal favorite is Spawn. Child molester in an ice cream truck gets pinned to a wall with popsicle sticks. A+ shit right there.

  9. Welp... I coulda gone my whole life without seeing this... But here we are.

  10. I can feel it coming in the air toniiiiight, OH LORRRD

  11. By now Cass being in the spotlight IS older DC 😔

  12. Not if you stopped reading DC in 2005. We're you even alive then?

  13. Really? Do you know Obama's last name?

  14. Um... Is it not Obama? First name Barack? If not I'm outta the loop.

  15. I don't know if you are baiting, which makes it so much funnier. Thank you :)

  16. Can we please stop posting family guy clips here. It's Primetime TV.

  17. I grew up in Albuquerque NM, not LA. Everyone I know would have the exact same response.

  18. Yo... I'm not a creative enough writer, so somebody else is gonna make bank off this idea... BUT...

  19. Not a holup, just a clip from a Primetime television show.

  20. This is an electric storm. Happens when there is high static in a dry atmosphere. Happens in New Mexico quite frequently (where I grew up). I was blown away the first time. Very interesting.

  21. Oh my, it’s my first time seeing it and another one of my friends were confused by it too

  22. Yeah, so there is a high static charge in the atmosphere, but low moisture and no precipitation. So rather than lighting striking down and grounding (thunder) it arcs across the sky. It's very cool to watch.

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