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  1. PD in general can cause constipation.

  2. You wore a suit and tie at the airport. I remember flying Pan-Am to Europe in the 1980s. I think there were smoking sections in the 80dWe dreamed about flying into space in 2001.

  3. I have a few friends who live in Canada and commute to Detroit to work. Their commute to work (in those few times when not wfh). Fairly common.

  4. First the robery at the church, now this? I'm sure crime overall is down, but one more of these and we can call it a rash of thefts.

  5. Not the luckiest block: the shoe repair and shine store burned down, coney one closed for health code and 2 was destructively damaged.

  6. I sure hope so. Or that's another baby my moms having.

  7. Life imitates art. Or at least Hilton is trying to make part of 2001 A Space Odyssey come to life.

  8. Stupid Richard Simmons story. 1990s. I was walking across an Embassy Suites lobby on my way to a meeting. Richard was there with an entourage in his shorts costume. I did a double take and our eyes locked. I have never before or since felt as eye fuck’d as I did for those few seconds. I think he might be gay. :)

  9. It doesn't work for everyone. I had DBS surgery last year, but in any 24 hour period I have less than two hours in the ON state.

  10. I had A DBS neuromodulator implanted in 2014 at Duke University hospital and my experience has been positive. I feel like it helped me work another few years, and reduced my need for medicines. I had a new battery implanted (in 2019) once since then. The surgery was not a big deal; the thought of it was much worse than the actual experience. I took a whole month off for recovery, but ended up feeling like I could have gone back the following week.

  11. Not a very good thing to talk about when celebrating his first day of life, but get everything in place for end of life care and expectations. Medical and General power of attorney should be considered. An attorney specializing in wills and trusts should be hired before the patient is unable to communicate.

  12. I started typing and couldn’t stop. I’ve designed medical spaces, built them, cleaned them (paid for college as a housekeeper at the local kosher hospital:) I

  13. I went back into comedy and now do comedy game shows at night at random local venues. I love it so much and I’m so grateful that my husband gave me the time I needed to heal so I could bounce back and build us a business. No way I could have done it alone.

  14. “Random local venues” are people surprised when they have a game show in the washroom or the funeral home?

  15. Peak Delta Burke was her in the HBO football series. I remember thinking she was one of the most beautiful women ever.

  16. And the frontline tanks and APCs likely are the best Russia has to offer because they ran well enough to get to the front. Well, maybe second best-because the best could get away with their vehicles

  17. Be cautious. He may be depressed because the books may be Madoff-ed. audit the hell out of risk

  18. You could watch the huge engine parts move. Fascinating for me as a kid.

  19. I remember the smell of diesel and grease wafting up from the engine compartment. The ancient brass fittings, valves and gauges were a wonder.

  20. The Rytary is a fixed size. The carbidopa varies based on manufacturer. The daily dosage changes over time as well

  21. The Rytary are NOT fixed size! They're the same density, more med = bigger pill

  22. The carbidopa is a generic and shape differs between manufacturers based on my experience. The Rytary is by a single manufacturer ànd should be consistent size for the 245 dosage. Please correct me if I’m wrong

  23. I did this yesterday and managed to cook dinner but as the meds were wearing off the pain was terrible. Has anyone else has this were the meds can help you to get through something but there's a real cost to this later?

  24. This is approved by my neurologist, and my experience only. The brand names Rytary and Sinemet are carbidopa/levodopa variants with different delay and dosing. I can maintain a fairly even day with Rytary, but I also have a separate prescription of Sinemet to kick start the Rytary. It’s not addictive going with the higher dosage from my experience - I haven’t needed it in a couple weeks. I do find high dose days slow down my digestive system and, thus, mild constipation. Water, I drink lots of water to avoid problems.

  25. Thanks so much for the reply. I had overdone it already by the time I took the extra dose. I guess I can't expect Madopar to work miracles and erase the consequences of that! I know that I need to drink more water so really appreciate that advice.

  26. Talk to your prescribing Dr. about your problems. They have quite an arsenal of adjustments, dosage, timing and medications available. Good luck!

  27. I recall the tornado taking off part of a roof of an apartment building aboard mile from my house.

  28. I know about a dozen of the homeowners and been in their homes many times for parties and fundraisers. The owners take great pride in their homes. I can’t think of a single owner who would surrender a mid or a high six or even seven figure home to renter. If they did, you are in the $5-$10k range

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