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  1. once, twice, thrice, fourfold, fivefold and so on.

  2. He worked as a mechanic, he had cuts on his hands, it went into his cuts. That’s what we were told from the autopsy report, so I could’ve stated that better

  3. Fuck that guy above you trying to act like he knows more about your friend than you

  4. I haven’t, I’ll give it a shot! Although our landlord is an artist, so I’m wondering if it’s something they built in for some reason

  5. I dont like having anything on my hands that could get caught

  6. It's a toxic relationship but we're staying for the kids

  7. They all should have two of those with at least one attached at all times.

  8. Lol reminds me of when I watched the 1987 Project X instead of the new one and I kept wondering when the hell the party was gonna start and what the monkies were gonna have to do with it

  9. I'm sure the logic is that if even a small percentage of nonpaying users sign up for their own account, that's increased revenue. Who cares about viewership numbers when those viewers aren't paying?

  10. I think this perspective also assumes that account sharers are all in a situation where one person is paying for all of it and the other is watching for free, but the reality is that most are both paying half. So all those people paying half aren’t gonna wanna pay more they’re just gonna pay nothing

  11. Baby Driver isn’t exactly this, but all the gunshots are on beat which is cool so it kinda is

  12. it's not racist, since Irish and Dutch are nationalities rather than races but it's bigoted. Why would you explicitly not date Irish and Dutch people specifically

  13. No one will agree with me but I love Office Christmas Party and The Night Before. I know they’re shit movies but I think they’re hilarious.

  14. Right now? Cars, at least in my area. Brand new cars are few and far between. And its not unusual to see used cars with prices 10k to 12k above what the price was a year and a half ago. Its insane.

  15. It's just an unnecessary complication. Brevity and simplicity are important, especially in a twitter meme. You retweet aomething you find ridiculous and type "No one:" and everyone understands your point. A few people in this thread are confused, sure, but the meme template itself is nearly universally understood as is otherwise.

  16. They’re saying it should be everyone: tho because no one: is a double negative meaning that no one said nothing so everyone said something

  17. They must have done some impressive maths to make sure this worked before trying it... they did do maths before trying it, right?

  18. Yup they looked at how high the car went and said yeah it’s about this tall and you’re about a little bit less than that tall so should be good. Lol

  19. Less people will pick up smoking. Mission accomplished.

  20. That mission may be accomplished but there are always unintended consequences with laws like thede

  21. We should change the tax system rather than just slapping bans on anything that has negative consequences. I agree that I hate my tax dollars being spent on other peoples poor choices but I believe they have the right to make those poor choices. It’s the tax system that I have a problem with

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