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  1. Is this new? I've never seen the pre-thread this early

  2. The theory that Rick Hendrick hired a hit man to have Billy Crump murdered

  3. Is Nathan Lyons an Iracer? The name rings a bell. I feel like I’ve seen them in Carb cup

  4. With Andrés Pérez de Lara not turning 18 until after Daytona, this basically solidifies Jesse Love winning the championship unless something big happens.

  5. i really do not like this song i think it’s so boring.

  6. Lee Leslie was the crew chief last year. He'll crew chief Garrett Smithley's Xfinity entry this year.

  7. Good chance that Tony Stevens and crew are still in charge of production, and the only thing that changes is that it's on a service everyone already has rather than it's own little island. That's how it worked when they acquired the rights to things like USAC, the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, Whelen Modified Tour, Short Track Super Series, and others. Each tour stayed in charge of production and Flo just bought the rights to stream it on their platform.

  8. Surely hope that's the case. Love Tony and the whole Pit Row crew. Got to commentate with Tony at Motor Mile last year, operation is a class act.

  9. Out of curiosity, where would you put This Beautiful Life? It’s top 3 for me, but I gather it’s much lower for most, especially compared to other Act III pieces.

  10. Easily 4. Casey's vocals and the lyrics in that song are absolutely incredible.

  11. Yeah, Act 3 is my least favorite. Still good, but I prefer most of the other deep cuts.

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