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  1. Only thing im pissed about is that the immortality meme died /: Cant understand how people have actual feeling especially non brits bruh

  2. I love my Queen, she is like a grandmother to me. She is my country for me. Elizabeth is Britain, Britain is Elizabeth.

  3. For the first time in a while, I have legitimately shed tears for someone's death. She has been a great force of continuity for our nation and her other realms. One Queen, from Winston Churchill to Liz Truss. One Queen, from Eisenhower to Biden. To think of how she has ensured that the traditional institutions of our country have stayed strong is amazing. Today, with her death, dies the 20th century, dies a connection to our heritage.

  4. "WATER companies are leaking around 2.4 billion litres of water every day because of underfunded infrastructure.

  5. I will not notice the dry rivers, lakes and parched gardens and forests, and blame mass immigration 🤡

  6. Are we going to end up having the first female and first non-white PMs both be racist Tories?

  7. I have but one question for the new mods: Why are you so cringe? Because this is literally 1984!

  8. We all have inexplicably started loving 1984 and George Orwell the moment we were added as mods, it's strange.

  9. Interacted with a guy today who believed Sri Lanka must have Queen Elizabeth as their monarch because they have "proven themselves incapable of ruling themselves". Such a shame to see there are still fellow conservatives who think it is someone's god given right to rule some one else.

  10. The big issue with the former colonies is we took a lot from them and from many countries so if we paid any form of reparations to one we would have to do it for all . There are arguments about sins of the father and but also arguments that the sins of the father are affecting current generations now . It’s very complicated discussion . For me even I’m not sure and I would say we should at least give relics and artwork back as even if you say it’s preserving there culture then who are we to have a day in that .

  11. True. If we were to truly repay all the countries we once held as colonies, we would have to sell off our country. However, treating them as sovereign, equal countries and flourishing democracies is not a hard thing to do, it's basic common sense and decency.

  12. They have proven incapable of ruling themselves

  13. What an ignorant thing to say! Now that there is a cost of living crisis in the UK and Boris Johnson cannot even retain the trust of his own cabinet, does it mean British people are incapable of ruling themselves? What a pathetic mindset, grow up, it's 2022 and HM doesn't have the god given right to rule the entire world. I'm all for the Queen remaining the sovereign of the UK but believing other countries need to be ruled by us is so ignorant.

  14. Queen Wilhelmina and King Victor Emmanuel looking down upon all those puny little reigns be like:

  15. What are those little purple fangs under Lib-Right? Priests trying to bite children one last time before Reagan got elected?

  16. What's the deal with Thatcher anyways? Never actually heard about why she was so controversial.

  17. Well you see before she came into power Britain had a lotk of state owned enterprise, and workers used to carry out extremely debilitating strikes which often cut of power for several days, even to essential services.

  18. Interesting. Does sound like a pretty controversial figure then. Interestingly she especially doesn't sound like she fits well into the American political lense.

  19. Yup. One of the most controversial, and dare I say the most controversial, in post war Britain. She was very good friends with Reagan though, both professionally and personally.

  20. If your comment gets 5k upvotes ,i will do that on the 1St show ..lmao

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