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  1. The COOP Office tries to overhype how life-ruining they'll be if you mess up anything.

  2. Almost certainly. If there are any online, it'll be a similar amount as right now.

  3. I don’t know if it’s possible to break your lease with the university. The university doesn’t have an obligation to let you since you agreed to an 8 or 12 month lease with them. They allow subletting which is probably your best bet.

  4. I'm in the MCS thesis program, mine takes one year as I've completed 2 of my grad courses as an undergrad.

  5. If you think you did well, you'll probably at least be ranked by the organization. After you submit your own rankings, anything can honestly happen.

  6. Just another reason to pay with cash or debit. Don’t spend what you don’t have. Don’t give the banks more money!

  7. This punishes people who use them responsibly too, though. People using them as an equivalent to a debit card to raise their credit will now be punished for trying to help themselves.

  8. Yep, your profs shouldn't assign any work to do over it.

  9. That’s not really true. It’s very normal to have assignments over reading week.

  10. Most faculties as far as I know. I’ve had work over reading week in courses from Engineering, Science, and Arts.

  11. I've never heard of a promo code for us, but you are eligible to pay youth rates which are cheaper.

  12. Via Rail staff told me that there’s a code. You have to get it from the school. I’m 22, so I’m not sure I qualify for Youth anymore.

  13. Youth is 12-25, you're fine for a few years.

  14. Nothing besides doctor note will allow you to miss an exam unless your professor is nice. My room mate has covid, I have been sick for 2 days now, I had to do a midterm today for BPS2110. Ogilvie straight up just told me good luck and nothing else after I emailed him. I asked him to confirm if I should come to class even with my sickness and he said he said, and I quote, "I am okay with that". That was all he wrote in his email. So I came to do my exam, surrounded by people side by side. With potentially COVID. I wore double mask to hopefully not get people sick, it was hard to do exam not because of me being sick but because my glasses kept getting fogged up.

  15. This isn't accurate. The COVID-19 self declaration is specifically made as a substitute for medical notes. The email announcing it specifically says "With this self-declaration form, you do not need a medical certificate."

  16. Most Canadian adults have a bachelor. Let's stop this uneducated people stink. Most people are 'educated'.

  17. Can you give a source on that? While some groups have majority with bachelors, the only numbers I can find for all

  18. Compared to last year, yesterday was very very mild. Based on the videos, people were mostly endangering themselves rather than damaging or vandalizing property. NIMBYs are complaining on Twitter, but ultimately I think that's a consequence of choosing to live near a university.

  19. so I guess, no more future Panda Games? will this uprising get it cancelled?

  20. It's probably still too early to compare to last year, since things escalated pretty late in the night last year.

  21. Unfortunately, you can't turn down interviews for jobs you chose to apply to.

  22. It looks like man gets to write a weekly column about God or whatever for the Expositor. Definitely not hacked, just an interesting piece of content for a newspaper.

  23. But how do you even find that job, is there a contact with the team you’d have to email to apply?

  24. They're only free if you live in rez, but they're only like $30 for students. If you're planning on going to enough games it might be worth it.

  25. People from "charities" have been doing this for a long time. I was harassed by similar people pre-COVID as well.

  26. But it’s not the Jays buying them, it’s literally a bunch of assholes around the world who get together every year to talk about how much they made this year by jacking up the price of tickets. They literally have a meeting in Vegas like every year. It’s quite fucked up.

  27. Yes, but most the sites that reselling happens on are owned by Ticketmaster, who has a partnership with Jays (or MLB in general). That’s why they’re suggesting Jays benefit from these people.

  28. I believe if you have 3 on the same day, you can request to get one moved so you only have 2!

  29. That's only true for final exams. When you have 3 consecutive final exams, you can get one moved.

  30. Do you know if it’s possible to apply for an MA in the winter of my 4th year? Would that just mean I’d start in the winter of the following year, I’m assuming? And are there any penalties or something if I did decide to take a year off for work?

  31. If you applied in winter of 4th year, you could choose to apply for either fall or the winter. You can't defer your admission afaik, so you'd either want to wait to apply when you're ready or leave a break (if you want one).

  32. Oh my goodness, really?? That is very weird that they don’t advertise this, but this brought reassurance to my heart. And for retaking the courses, I would retake the course and would that bring up my CGPA and replace the old grade I received before?

  33. It might be worth confirming with the faculty for your graduate program to make sure. It's true for at least engineering and education, but not certain about other faculties.

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