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  1. It's very rare for the school to cancel classes, but it happened one time in my first year when there was less snow than today. Completely nuts they haven't cancelled today.

  2. If you're not in French Immersion, you have to take three in French to get the bursary (

  3. An honour's bachelor is generally just one that takes four years to complete (

  4. Do you include IT support in relevant?

  5. I would. First year SEG is tough since you're up against fourth year students, second year CS, CEG, ELG students, and the other first years in COOP. No harm in limiting the number of "backup" jobs you apply to, but you should be prepared to accept one if needed.

  6. Bruh there is a job where you have to set up phone and fill printers with ink for CSI and SEG like wtf

  7. A lot of people do IT work for their first coops. There's no shame in it, you have to build experience somehow.

  8. is it possible to transfer into the co-op version of a program once you’ve already started the non co-op? like a term or two into your degree

  9. Yes, you can apply again at the start of 2nd year.

  10. So you're saying the husband got it through a blood transfusion then gave it to his partner through unprotected sex.

  11. Those questions DO get asked. Every blood appointment I've ever had has asked if I've ever taken drugs through needles, shared needles, or had unprotected sex with a new partner. There's about 30 questions to answer every time you donate blood.

  12. As amazing as the sea landing are, I love being able to watch the landings on land. Incredible views of it.

  13. Wow, those ground views of stage separation and boostback were incredible!

  14. If you need help, please check out the

  15. Fuck, I entered my personal info on google form. Do i need to change my password? I thought it was from UO officials since it was sent to my UO email instead of personal email.

  16. Change passwords as soon as you can. If you re-use the passwords elsewhere, change those as well (especially if linked to uottawa).

  17. Multi factor authentication. It uses an app on your phone to generate a code you need to sign in (in addition to your password). This means even if your password is stolen, people can't sign in without also having your phone.

  18. Caroline Barriere Usually Teaches this course, I'm confused as to why they wouldn't rehire her?

  19. She also had everything pre-made and could easily make it available again if no teacher is found.

  20. CSI 4106 is the AI course just make an AI to teach it smh

  21. I don’t think there’s a discount. In fairness, if you’re learning French it is 100% worth the money. I’d never submit anything without using it first.

  22. It opens at 8 am, you should have access to it now.

  23. Only if you do not receive an admission scholarship. That cannot be combined with the merit one.

  24. False. U can get a merit scholarship even if you are awarded an admission scholarship.

  25. uPass is a different company so that's probably why unfortunately

  26. The uOttawa Card Service handles U-Pass distribution ever since the SFUO shut down. They're responsible for both students cards and the U-Pass.

  27. It’s not like colonel by can actually handle any kind of traffic anyway. Might as well turn it back into a park

  28. No idea whether it's feasible, but since Colonel By was closed to cars 24/7 for 2 months straight last summer, I think it's pretty clear we don't need it as a road.

  29. I’ve taken some fls classes and found them really easy

  30. This. If your French isn't great, take classes specifically designed to improve it.

  31. AHL3300 with Elena Valenzuela was a total bird course when I took it. Only prerequisite is 33 units completed total IIRC

  32. It says that there’s seats available but they’re reserved, is there a way around this?

  33. Those spots will be freed up a week or two into the semester, so people on the wait list should get in

  34. I'm considering a program that needs reference letters -- Teacher's Education / Formation à l'enseignement.

  35. References can be in either English or French.

  36. If you're going to spam your studying playlists to a hundred subreddits don't do it during winter break when absolutely 0 people are studying

  37. I get signed out every couple months or so, just have to sign back in and I'm good for another couple months.

  38. Man really missed the point imo. I don’t think anyone is opposed to controversial topics being discussed or viewpoints being challenged (that’s the point of a university). People just don’t want racial slurs to be used while discussing these topics.

  39. Yes, you can do it and don’t need any special permission or anything. Just take the English course code and add 400 to get the French one.

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