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  1. It's a numbers game. Just start hitting on a ton of girls. You need to be funny, friendly, kind, she echoes your interest. Generally, girls don't get excited to see you or want to spend time with you or talking to you for no reason (that's usually a hint they might be into you, but not always) . You'll figure it out.

  2. Thanks. If the conversations starts getting one sided (more like a QnA), should I keep pushing forward or back off?

  3. Thanks... I haven't considered to check out my skills/personality before starting a relationship.

  4. Tulisannya sih "metranet_log", anak perusahaan telkom buat B2B, jadi mungkin itu yang bocor, bukan Indihome perorangan.

  5. Sorry mau tanya dong, nemu bagian yang ada tulisan "metranet_log"-nya dari mana ya?

  6. WR mid-spammer here. I guess your understanding of the hero and it's utility is not correct. Your job isn't to focus tanks, just leave them be. I like to play WR with Mael, BKB and Dagger as my first items (if you feel cheeky you can swap dagger and bkb in some cases), and constantly pick off squishy supports or heroes that are out of position. I never itemize to account for tanks. Diffusal is a niche pick, e.g. you have a Medusa and WK on the enemy team, otherwise diffusal just delays your other items that are more important. So to quickly answer your questions:

  7. Ah I see, this means that instead of disabling the enemy's tank, I go for the others which ultimately makes the tank kind of useless (no one to tank anymore).

  8. Did you mean around 0:17-0:18? If yes, I think you should take a look at your left-hand index, and compare it with 0:19. During 0:17-0:18, your index is a bit bent, thus not enough pressure = unintentional mute.

  9. thank you for the comment! yes in 0:17-0:18 my index finger is actually supposed to reach up to the 4th fret at the base, i just keep hitting that note wrong haha, i’ll practice more. and the telecaster is a squier in surf green, i don’t know much more than that, sorry :)

  10. I've had my share too when learning barre chords. In my experience, the shortest path (but also the toughest) is to give more than enough pressure on your index finger. That way you can check if your finger is strong enough to produce clean sounds. If you managed to do this, then you just need to gradually reduce the pressure.

  11. the basic principle is that if you can't dish out damages to the enemy because you got rooted/stunned/slowed/silenced, then you'll need a bkb.

  12. Ousama Ranking bro, give it a try. In my case it gave me a boost of courage. Not your typical hero/king anime because the MC is actually disabled and very weak

  13. A bit of note here, the show has a very sad premise, and it kinda exploits the sadness for the first 5 episodes. It really felt like you are the MC and no one helps you.

  14. History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Mc is weak but strong and he grows so yeah.

  15. Nagatoro might count. Though Nagatoro is his biggest bully, he's constantly becoming more and more chad with standing up to people. He's even started exercising, training with her judo club and lost his glasses.

  16. Ah yes, I like Nagatoro! Though initially I was scared of the anime (it gave me a bit of childhood trauma with an aggressive girl lol) but after reading the manga, it's really good. Any other examples around this? Lots of them are still ongoing though (I think only Sakurai-san that's completed)

  17. Legend 1 here, at 3-3.1k MMR (forgot the exact number. I only play turbo for fun now.

  18. Nice guitar! My first electric (and also my current guitar) was a stratocaster too, though mine has a floyd rose tremolo.

  19. Pos 4 here, previously 2.4k climbed to 2.6-2.7k by playing huskar mid (at that time, huskar was broken af). After that, climbed to 3.1k by playing only earth spirit. Switched from pos 2 to pos 4 because I enjoyed thinking while playing instead of being pressured lol.

  20. ScJo says:

    Depends on your job. If you’re the the tank, s&y, heart. Other str items like echo Sabre sometimes aghs works. The goal is they cast spells on you so your carry or other damage can walk up safely.

  21. Thanks a lot man, really detailed explanation here. But then, what should I do during the late game, where my illusion might not bring that much damage (because everyone is rich)?

  22. try treads > wand > echo > shard > blink. can usually time it for under 18 mins, you don’t have to rely on your ultimate as much and your stun gives you an illusion anyway. more than enough to burst the supports or fragile cores. also don’t build manta imo. better off just going bkb/ac as usual

  23. Thanks! gotta try the echo + shard on this one. I suppose manta CK is really outdated lol

  24. You got a few really snarky answers, but I get what you’re asking. Any practice routine is designed to build technique which can be applied when you are learning songs. Songs can teach you technique too, but practice routines usually focus on one or two techniques at a time and songs incorporate many at once

  25. Thanks for the insight man, appreciate it. Don't know why I got these snarky comments. I just want to understand what to do with doing practice routines, but now I think I get the gist of it.

  26. Got it. So for more complex stuff like sweep picking, I'll need to nail the techniques by doing practice routines, and try to implement the techniques when playing another songs.

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