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  1. Lock impressed me today. He made a lot of good calls, scrambled where needed, and he protected the ball.

  2. I thought all three played their hearts out in Cambodia. I really liked all three.

  3. Makes me sick. They are all the emperor with no clothes on. And all my smart TBM family and friends eat it up. Drives me nuts.

  4. This guy is beyond delusional. The fact he refuses to hold any of his coaching staff accountable for their poor performance is the number reason he needs to be fired.

  5. Lock isn’t giving coaches in the league anything to want to give him a shot. If Teddy is back, I’d like to see them give Rypien 2 weeks of backup training to see if he’s serviceable.

  6. I don’t see any positive differences from Teddy from the Lock. Why go back to him

  7. Still be more exciting that 90% of our games this season.

  8. Maybe Schumer will shake things up and game plan to Locks strength. He’s fired in 3 weeks anyway, might was well try something new.

  9. I hope he has a full recovery. Some of these players like TB should learn from Andrew Luck and choose health.

  10. Let Drew be drew that last 3 games. Hopefully we’ll walk away with three wins against our division. It’s not exactly what we wanted for a season but it would be a nice ending.

  11. Sounds super self-important and douchie. You should respond, “Ooh I’m a very special witness of Jesus Christ, too.” [wink knowingly]

  12. I don’t care about the downfall of the church. It would be nice but I don’t think will happen ever. I would love for a lot more friends and family to see it for what it is.

  13. Well to be fair, he also thought it was okay to call the members and the church Mormon…so maybe he was off on this one too🤷

  14. Does it happen to correlate with the expansion of BYU Idaho and increase in students attending

  15. Detroit wants this game. They are here with something to prove…wish our team felt the same way

  16. If they figure out how to stop our run game, we’ll be in a for a long day

  17. There are a variety a strategies/methods to get to the FTC. Everyone who has made it to the FTC got there playing a certain way, whether intentionally or not. I think most people keep upset when the winner user a strategy that people don’t like or respect. Even the 🐐outlast the jury. Not my favorite strategy/method, but it worked to a point. I don’t think that is Erica. But in one way or another the final 3 outplayed everyone else.

  18. I like how Xander is guaranteed final four. Not sure why no one but Liana wanted to flush the idol.

  19. I’d enjoy a Xander, Erica or Ricard win. But I’ll be honest, I’d be highly entertained by a Heather win.

  20. Was it Jack’s business or he did he inherit the role after his uncle was murdered?

  21. I’m fairly convinced Jack isn’t the villain, at least not this season. After that weirdly threatening talk Eleanor gave Clint, I’m thinking Jack is a distraction and she’s the real killer and she’s pulling an Obadiah and using Jack’s company to help Kingpin. Maybe her demise or death will lead to Jack becoming swordsman.

  22. I bet he’s a Ronin fan boy, similar to Kate/Hawkeye. He’s an aspiring vigilante.

  23. It’s very clear the offense needs a leader to excite the players. Tebow may not an NFL QB, but he could excite the players. Also, some arm talent that makes the players look good would also excite them.

  24. Saw an article about Kirk Cousins being traded after the season. I’d be okay with that trade.

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