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Modern day Dora doing rescue missions

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Jin-Gitaxias in Kamigawa

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  1. Din's gotten his shit stomped in more times than I can count and walked away like it was no big deal; the worst injury we've seen him with so far is self-inflected lol

  2. Din’s armor is 100% beskar. He also has lots of lower limb armor unlike boba. He’s the tank class. Boba’s armor is likely a beskar and durasteel blend as many mando armor is to varying degrees, and boba seems to favor mobility over leg/shoulder protection. Boba is the DPS class.

  3. I’m pretty sure boba is pure beskar as well since he said so that his armor must have survived the sarlac

  4. He said it’s beskar, didn’t specify what percentage or if pure. We just don’t know yet. It definitely looks like a thinner sheet of beskar than what Din wears. Din walks a lot heavier

  5. Hope they replaced the pilot’s seat with a toilet and mini ventral airlock … for practical reasons. “Firing Pooton Torpeedoodoo”

  6. Remember that episode 2 5 line : “put captain solo’s head in the cargo hold”. 😂

  7. The big ship they were escorting has docking ports for the fighter tails in the wing leading edge. They docked for the long range jump and then resumed escort flights once they arrived in system

  8. Idk about the bounties, but it looks like his ship is so fast that he doesn’t need to live on it anymore. Just take a job and go home 3 systems away after before bedtime lol

  9. It’s got a short range hyperdrive though. It was mainly a planetary patrol fighter. Still amazing sub light speed and maneuverability for dog fights

  10. For real though. Absolutely love this ship over the dumpy Razorcrest, but how is he going to collect bounties offworld?

  11. On a deeper note. Is she really a Karen? I could see how she could be because she’s adamant about people following the way and the the creed. On the other than she’s kinda anti Karen as she has always been pretty open and accepting and willing to explains their creed without forcing it on you. She’s never Demanded that Din do something - always explained things and let the person come to their own conclusions. She tells Din what needs to be done to absolve himself, never says he’s not worthy of the darksaber and literally steps aside to allow him to make his own decision and begin his journey. She was totally non judgmental about grogu too considering the historical antagonism between mandolorians and Jedi. So I’d argue she’s more anti Karen.

  12. I remember playing rogue squadron and sw Star fighter. The N-1 is all pomp and speed, it’s like the cheetah of star fighters …it’s got speed but that’s about it.

  13. Yeah, I missed Boba too. I still loved the episode though.

  14. He’s gonna pop out from behind a crate to give Din advice on how to pilot the N-1. “Eh…like a bantha.😅”

  15. It doesn’t seem to be the most practical ship for a bounty hunter. “I can bring you in cold or I can bring you in cold.”

  16. “I can bring you in cold or I can bring you in frozen …because I got no room and I’ll need to strap you to the fuselage”

  17. Exactly. He can’t live out of a hot rod of a star fighter. Needs more weapons too. Is the running joke that all his ships are horrible? Hope be brought a thermos to pee in on long hauls.

  18. Daniel Logan? Edit. Actually he'd be just about perfect age for the role of Boba Fett between Clone Wars and ROTJ... they could deepfake Tem's younger face onto Daniel Logan

  19. Yes. You ever notice how Lucas / F&F heavily borrowed from westerns and samurai films that influenced them ?

  20. Y’know what I actually think he could pull off Gannondorf fairly well.

  21. After surviving scorpion king cgi, he has no where to go but up. They’d really have to try to make Ganon look worse.

  22. Leap v2 hands down. I’ve not used the back strong c1. 4D arm rests are amazing. All the desks at the hospital I work at have them. Just compare the photos and you can see it has more points of adjustment .

  23. Thanks. I'm leaning in that direction, but the lumbar support of the BackStrong seems pretty awesome. I wish I could TRY them both without dealing with shipping hassles...

  24. You can always get a lumbar pillow separately. Try to read as many reviews as you can find.

  25. That kid has skills. At twice that age I feel I was still a human snowball

  26. If those little bastards had to jump instead of spamming a button, I’d have a little respect.

  27. So motorized rollerblades that shift you where you are while you are essentially blindfolded? I thought VR had enough injuries as is.

  28. I read the article and toward the end it said “Russian also trained various marine animals …” And before I could read further my brain was like “oooh, better not be squid”

  29. Seller should post a photo of the manufacturer label/tag on underside of the seat.

  30. Can someone shop in that DJ table from the other art lol

  31. Here’s a blizzard forum thread about it. The filled/hollow diamond icon next to the orange legendary ability on the item in question was confirmed to be a ps4 features…unsure why it wouldn’t have been implemented on the ps5 port:

  32. Yes, I've encountered/noticed that though I never knew what that meant. Now I know I think. So much to learn 🙂

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