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  1. Dang these Texan guys seem pretty good. How are they only 1-9???

  2. Because they don't play the browns every week

  3. Ah yes because using a slogan designated for women's reproductive rights is the same as getting a vaccination.. were you dropped on your head as a kid by any chance?

  4. It is my body and it is my choice. Get over it.

  5. Yet you continue to comment your displeasure about vaccines. How about YOU get over it.

  6. as a vikings fan, i find it amusing how packers have had 2 HOF All-Time QBs and they end up chasing both of them out of town. the man made you relevant for 15 years and y’all throwing him out like trash!

  7. Can't tell if DA getting out was good or bad since he's on the raiders

  8. Lmao you guys are wasting a generational talent who's gonna leave in a year doe

  9. It only works sometimes esp if that place hasn't been to delivered to. Eventually amazon patches it

  10. He scored 11 points last game, hit his shots, played within his role on the offense and provided stout defense. He is a young player, developing at his own pace. And we are in a unique position to allow that to happen.

  11. This is the problem. Too many people want him to be the next iqoudala for us instead of him just playing in his role. If he continues to do what he did in the last game he's gonna be alright.

  12. Folk gonna be kicking in the wind. Go with koo

  13. I'm not talking about the team. The Spurs are a great organization. I'm talking and being in Texas in general.

  14. Oh man those clips from last year were fun

  15. Your rating will drop so now you're gonna have to do more blocks to make up for it.

  16. Man City and their years of funding + ability to bypass financial fair play thanks to hiring the best lawyers money can buy.

  17. That's interesting. Idk much about European football but I'm getting the idea that the PGA and Saudi golf league are disagreement due to similar reasons.

  18. He grew up in Cleveland but what a time to make the switch

  19. He's liked the browns for a min now. He didn't just become a fan after the Watson signing.

  20. In context, it’s clearly a racial issue

  21. So is it a racial issue to you when one black person calls another black person the n word too?

  22. If you don't like that you don't like Sacramento basketball

  23. I had friends that went there. They said it wasn't fun lol they would you up hella early to do paath and the teachers would hit you. But recess was fun because they had a gym and basketball court.

  24. The only right answer. Taza and sittos are too watered down. Boaz isn't that good either

  25. Moving the goal posts on your own reporting?

  26. Lol the wizards don't improve at all. They already have a high usage player who is a cone on defense in Beal and then they get Randle too

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