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  1. That’s fair. I’ve been out of dating for 15 years, so I don’t really know the current trends personally.

  2. Such a wise words. I wish there were more people like you that young people take as an example, because I'm fed up with the modern day dating culture.

  3. Hi sweetie, you are very much important and loved. I'm sorry for what happend, but it's not your fault. Sometimes people don't remember the dates that are important to us and that is called life. At least your kids did remember the day. Please do not be angry about it and try to forgive all the people who let you down today. And do not forget to treat you kindly, as it's your very special day! Buy yourself something delicious to eat, take a bubble bath and watch your favourite movie. Also, it's actually my birthday too. January 21st.

  4. when you start focusing on yourself and only the things that make you happy, everything just falls into place

  5. Its actually 103 days but I forgot to check 3 days ago

  6. Have you already been today to this coffee shop you promised us to visit? ❤

  7. Oh my duckling, this is amazing and I'm so proud of you! Have a wonderful meal tomorrow and then go for a walk, appreciate the beauty in the smallest of things, take a bubble bath and soak up the joy of what it means to be clean.

  8. Not the OP, but I want to thank you for these wonderful words!

  9. Your older bro here. In fact, I've got close to zero experience with girls, but I think maybe some outer perspective could help.

  10. The longing you have to fit in, to be accepted, to just be, that longing is so gut-wrenching, I know. It's very difficult to feel lonely because, I believe, at the core we're built for relationship. We humans need one another and I want to you to know that I'm here for you. I am not worried about you messing up. I don't expect anything from you or of you. I won't walk away. I will look at your face and see your expression and follow your lead. I can't wait to spend time with you and enjoy whatever it is you'd like to share. You are always welcome here.

  11. Hi honey, your older brother here. I know that today's world is super sexualized and puts a ton of pressure on young girls to lose it early.

  12. So, I'm a mom and want to support others who need it, but my parents also are .....lacking. Can I do both? Get support and give it??

  13. Absolutely you can! There's never too much love and support in this sub honey ❤

  14. It’s likely when you feel that way, that your body actually is warding off some virus or germ right now. It’s common to just feel exhausted right before you get sick. That’s because your body is using all its energy to fight off what it feels is coming. It’s possible that if you rest up really good right now, then you WON’T get sick, because your body took care of fighting that off since you provided it with the time of rest that it needed to do so.

  15. Not the OP, but thank you. Just wanted you to know I liked your post and appreciate!

  16. Aw that’s really sweet thank you so much!! I’m having a rough day and you saying that made me feel really good :)

  17. Oh sweetie, that's too bad that life goes harsh for such a wonderful people like you are. It's so nice that you are here for others having a hard time youself. And please do not stop doing the right job by posting your coments here - you may sometimes do not get any upvotes, but even if it's helpful for one person here (which I'm sure it always is) it is totally worth it.

  18. Bro here. First, you did wonderfully by going out of what is comfortable and reached out to her risking rejection. That's what not many guys have the balls to do. So this alone is a reason to celebrate, bc you're a winner already!

  19. Also, I forgot to add, please don't be upset if she turns out not to be the one. There are millions of differents characters out there and it's not an easy task to find someone compatibile. It's a long and complicated process and we ought to enjoy the journey even more than the moment of actually finding the real love, because life consists mainly from these transition parts. That's why it's crucial to celebrate the small wins :)

  20. Like the others said, start by simply chatting and if the convo goes well, you can ask her when she's free.

  21. Thank you for answer. Chatting is fine as far as I'm concerned, but it's hard to imagine it going well when she replies after an hour.

  22. Oh yeah, that's more complicated if she doesn't reply fast.

  23. It's even more complicated, as girls sometimes give their numbers to just get rid of the guy without any intention of texting or meeting him.

  24. I prefer the direct approach. But maybe after 2-3 casual messages to not seem like you're so agressive, and to check if she even replies.

  25. Yeah, I’m coming from a pretty bad porn addiction and I think that when I’m masturbating regularly I find I end up rushing things with women and it pushes them away. I think a longer break from dating is what I need.

  26. Basically you do not lose anything going on dates man. You gain experience, so you're getting better at the game. And also by putting yourself out there more, you get more chances to find the right one.

  27. No of course the break from dating is a break from fapping too! It’s the dating is triggering the fapping and I need more self control, and of course I’ll get out there!

  28. I guess there's some underlying problem with your mentality. If you run a balanced life, have friends, hobbies and moderately satisfying job/studies, then I don't see why you wouldn't be able to casually go on dates without "release". My bet is you still have a porn addict mindset and dating for you is a quick outlet to empty your sack. And it's a wrong way. You're dating to find a life partner, that supports you and is by your side. If you're going on dates with an expectation of getting laid, then I'm sorry bro, but your porn recovery just went sideways.

  29. Thanks for reply. Basically my doubts were rather revolving around wheather to text her something in the next days before attempting to ask for a date or just go with the invitation. What should be suggested as a date is a whole another topic.

  30. Nah no worries, i can tell you that i definitely have better confidence / self esteem. Brain fog is non existent, i can definitely think clearer now. I've achieved an impossible school goal while i was on it, i swear it makes you laser focused on the task when you put your mind to it. Sleep is definitely better since i don't rely on jerking off to relax and sleep, female attraction is definitely real since every single girl in my class talks to me more frequently than other guys including the hottest one that everyone has their eyes on. I used to struggle with social anxiety before but now they call me a social butterfly, hell one time i told a friend of mine I'm an introvert and she laughed saying "you're an introvert? Yeah right" you can tell I'm not used to this new me. I talk to everyone and anyone now which wasn't the case before this. Overall it's one of the best things I've ever accomplished and it's definitely life changing.

  31. Thank your for that. Maybe one day I'll be there too :)

  32. Not directly testosterone, but it is believed to dense the androgen receptors and thus making our body reacts stronger to the currently produced T. This, combined with rejuvenated dopamine receptors will contribute to a healthy sex drive given enough time.

  33. That's normal bro, this shit is hard. And no, it's not a failure to fall, but to refuse to get back up. You may fail badly many times, but one day you'll not do it again. Just be patent and not too harsh on yourself, as youre doing great by just refusing to live the fapper's lifestyle like the majority of men.

  34. Hey, have you already talked to her? Give us an update pls

  35. Try to not spend too much time with electronics. Idle browsing the net on your laptop or a smartphone when you've got time to kill is asking for trouble.

  36. Wait a moment, you take viagra to masturbate?

  37. Unfortunately, all the girls I really liked were taken. I asked a few out but they all had boyfriends. I'm not really a hookup kind of guy so I didn't go for the girls I didn't have feelings for. Also my porn addiction coming back is part of the reason my marriage failed. It was a learning experience and another reason to quit forever.

  38. Oh, that hurts. Do you think your marriage would still be there if not for your pmo? Given the chance, would you come back to that time and undone things? Or rather there was not mutual love after all?

  39. I believe if I stopped, her depression and self esteem issues would eventually resolve. Had I been the strong partner she thought she married, I may have been able to help her but instead, she fell deeper into a bad state and got progressively more abusive towards me. Most likely out of frustration for me mixed with her traumatic childhood. I'm definitely not purely at fault but I also did not help as I should have. The love was absolutely real and mutual but my sanity wore out and I had to end it.

  40. Thank you for explanation, I get it. It's too bad this relationship coincided with your addiction, or else you would be able to make it work. But please do not be harsh on yourself, as her depression was not your fault. I'm also sorry for her, as I'm going through mental problems myself, so I can imagine how strong a partner must have been to keep me up.

  41. Can I open a Neon account remotely from another EU country if I'm not a Swiss citizen? (And do not plan on moving there)

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