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  1. 90% of whatever isn't AI chat bots, government or corporate sponsored curators.

  2. In my district there are people who work with troubled kids who handle multiple schools. If you have to, go to the district office.

  3. Construction laborer, I guess? Mostly requires a willingness to work absurdly hard and enough English to understand straightforward instructions. Sounds like the guy is qualified to me.

  4. I have a lady from Mexico on my team who's been working since she was in the single digits. She's mid-70s now and needs help writing her own name on the training rosters. Perfectly qualified worker though and brings me food at lunch sometimes.

  5. God bless her. I hope that she (and you) can retire someday soon with little complication. Bring her a lunch some time after that (or whenever). I bet it would be a fun time.

  6. Thank you and she's totally cool. She even likes rock music. She understands enough English to know when the guys in the room are flipping each other some noise and I catch her grinning all the time. I understand enough spanish where her and I can communicate but she knows far more than I.

  7. Two packs of fajita sauce powder, dissolved in 1 cup of italian dressing, a tiny squirt of mustard, and two tablespoons of soy sauce. Put this in a gallon size ziploc or store brand bag with a two-pound tri-tip. Marinate for 5-10 hours.

  8. Hey I'm a local guy who is also pretty lit tonight! I want to do something fun and safe so I'm gonna stay home and play some video games.

  9. Tracking your right Obama only eased enforcement on it but I give him credit for helping and trump scratched that when he came…honestly I think the only real bad Obama play was losing all the guns in Mexico but he’s not a evil man he was your president Lol

  10. Obama was executive branch and did nothing for weed legislation, which has to be reclassified by congress.

  11. I upvoted u friend both times I must have bad info thanks for the knowledge

  12. Thanks for being cool about it. We need more of you around. Have a good night man.

  13. Does it remind you of an Italian Mob, a pair of Brits, or a couple of New York/Chicago guys?

  14. Photographer here, and you would be surprised to know that most of the tools on Photoshop are actually digitized and improved versions of real tools and techniques used by lab technicians since pretty much the dawn of photography.

  15. Wait until they find out some fonts are like 800 years old.

  16. It changed before then too. They've adjusted it a couple of times, but I think late alpha/early beta was the last time it would rage across the lands like hell unleashed from your struck flint and steel. They mostly adjusted fire spread later to reduce damage to building materials after that iirc.

  17. Creepers don't sneak up on you anymore?

  18. Not like they used to. They just wander around until you get close enough and then wander straight at you like zombies and skeletons.

  19. I just looked it up. Mean temps throughout multiple regions don't get down to freezing until November.

  20. Don't question the forced winter evacuation happening in the summertime. They will be helped.

  21. I'm not questioning it. Just correcting false info about when it starts to get cold.

  22. Fair enough, just seems to me from the commentary and other sources that they were concerned the Russians would only heat Russian occupied homes, so it just sounds suspiciously like he's giving up the Donbass region and settling in for a long occupation.

  23. You’ve never seen 130° on your thermometer unless your thermometer is broken.

  24. You should look up heat capacity. You absolutely can have higher temperatures than the official record in small localized areas. For instance a dashboard inside a car could hit 200 degrees while the record temp is still 115. This can radiate and give you a car air temp of 145!!!

  25. When was this the 1950s? Southern Oregon always had a run of 100 degree days. Usually it was fair week. 100-104.

  26. Had a back porch thermometer always reporting 110º-130º for basically the latter two months of every summer for like two decades.

  27. There are an infinite amount of numbers between 1 and 2, none of them are 3.

  28. The numbers that you describe are not a physical thing. They are concepts invented and used to describe physical things. With that in mind, I can definitely find the number 3 in between those integers. It only wouldn’t be a “whole number.” That also being said, if you count the integers on your way to infinity, you will count three of them at many points along the way. This also being a conception to describe something and not an actual physical thing indicates that, in a few forms, 3 can be found between the numbers 1 and 2. 3, it appears, is in the eye of the beholder.

  29. Yep, my boss stays out of my way. If I ask for something I need I get it. He only talks to me when his boss rides his ass about something. He's perfect no homo.

  30. Loading a rando file in VS adds it but visual studio doesn't make assumptions. When you let VS create a new file it uses templates to make all those magic connections. You are responsible for telling the project how to treat it, where to treat it, etc. Even Project Explorer is a filter based representation of everything in the same folder.

  31. No biggie, I'm glad you followed up either way. Hoping to put to rest why 5x5 semaphore omits the letter K rather than C and thought I was on to it.

  32. I am only aware of semaphore in regards to using flags to spell out messages to pilots.

  33. It's a simple boy scout code that uses two arms and five positions each to represent 25 letters of the alphabet, with K being the omission. I always (like 25+ years now) thought C should have been omitted instead. Frequency analysis won over practicality afaik.

  34. What is your point? Yes I know the democrats would split into progressives vs the current centrists who would become the conservatives. What does that have to do with my post? I was saying the two party system is the real problem. I do perceive the Republicans as the worst of the bunch but I'm not so naive to believe the democrats aren't turning around and profiting from insider trading and all the other things that go along with being a member of the US Congress in 2022 as well (Pelosi). They're both fucking us in some way but I think the Republicans are worse, you are welcome to disagree though. Either way, like I said, the issue ultimately is the 2 party system.

  35. Right now countries that have more than a two party system just form coalitions. I'm a Democrat who has voted Republican for about a decade for strategic reasons, and as you indicate you already know the Democratic party is heavily factioned. It is bloated with ideals that sometimes conflict with each other, hence why you have Biden putting up border wall sections this week and asking the media not to openly report it. Or why you have Obama not supporting gay marriage, being pro climate agenda buying a house on an island.

  36. Give me coalitions over what we have here any day. Europeans have their own problems because no form of government has been, is, or ever will be perfect and whatever way we go will lead to more problems eventually, but there's nothing we can do about that. We'll deal with those problems as they come. For now, I think getting rid of the two party system would go an incredibly long way toward solving the current issues we have at least. But if we're hoping to land on some kind of utopian form of government that is flawless and fair in every way, I just don't think it's going to happen, so we deal with it the best that we can.

  37. I think we both understand the lesser of evils problem. I'll continue to insist that you will never be rid of said problem no matter how many political parties you have but I'm becoming digressive.

  38. Uhh I get the feeling that they knew what would happen with one ice cube in the fryer and intentionally expanded their experiment.

  39. No i mean like they are actually cheese shaped heads Also by “layout of cod Zombies kino ser toten starting room” I don’t mean like nazi/swastika I mean like a room with 2 staircases on each side that go up to a 2nd floor with a balcony to look over the first floor

  40. The human brain is tricky when remembering things. You should edit your post with what you are sure of now that you have more info as to what it isn't.

  41. I mean, it's all temporary in the end. Someday they'll be back to yours

  42. Either your container is slightly permeable or the seal is less than perfect. Density near freezing is a funny thing so there is obviously enough positive pressure to force liquid to escape the vessel. The question is where?

  43. “We’re not finishing it, we’re completing parts that weren’t done yet.”

  44. They pulled down a few strategic sections right after Biden took office, waited enough time for their short-sighted voters to forget, and now they are putting those sections back up.

  45. You don't want inheritance when what you are describing is perfect for inheritance.

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