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  1. We’re having two different experiences lol. I ask for a box they give me a pouch. If asked for a pouch they’d box me in the mouth

  2. Hahaha 🤣. My problem is finding any tobacco all together haven't a clue which shops sell them

  3. jesus literally every shop sells them if they have a counter with bars and sell lotto tickets they do puches of tobacco and boxs.

  4. I’ve basically just been listening to Esther Hicks, so my understanding might be off. I thought you had to feel good and be happy in your current situation in order to bring on a change.

  5. Not everything is a result of manifesting so if you didn't manifest your living situation changing it was just by chance most likely.

  6. Why don’t you imagine yourself calling them up to inquire about your console. Also, imagine yourself going to pick your console up from the repair shop.

  7. Yeah I was thinking that but would that make it magically appear somehow,

  8. This year's my first year looking and I looked for about 2 hours the last day in Galway and didn't find a single one

  9. That’s the hardest part, and I can give you tons of things that helped me but ultimately you have to get faith strong enough to believe it.

  10. Funny enough you mention it, I have manifested (twice) that my bus will get to school on time.

  11. Niceeee... I'm hoping to have over an Oz by the time seasons over.. waiting for the next dry day to go back up

  12. No defo not over, I've been up Christmas day before and they still there. It all depends on the weather conditions as long as its no frost they'll grow, and we haven't had frost yet, not where I am. There are thousands up there, season started late this year.

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