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50 features in Android 13 you should know about

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  1. The problem is all manufacturers gravitating towards the same middle ground that nobody hates but nobody loves, instead of having a diverse choice of devices all catering to different audiences so you can pick the one that's right for you.

  2. If your device is identical to the latest Samsung one, why would they buy yours over it?

  3. This is the only one I find hard to believe. "Not caring" I can maybe see, but actively disliking an upgrade? I am confused.

  4. They can remove features and introduce bugs. Often they change established workflows.

  5. It didn't feel that absurd or over the top to me. I don't really have an in-depth explanation for my impression of it.

  6. The base model is less than an OLED Switch and three years of paid online.

  7. Yea at the time wireless was really catching on. Now idk who still uses plugged in headphones. So much nicer not having the wires. They would always catch on a doorknob or edge of some kind.

  8. It's not about wireless vs. wired, it's about having options.

  9. Yes, screen scales to your monitor now IIRC

  10. Syncthing to backup them to my NAS, Google Photos for gallery, sharing, timeline and location features.

  11. It's only selling so well on the coattails of Worlds success. It's a good model. Make a high effort game to pull new fans, then a cheaper low effort game to keep the money coming

  12. I am enjoying Sunbreak at the moment, but I really hope they're just saving the big budget for the next World.

  13. I just wish they all would stop loudly grunting in my ear. I don't know how to feel about it.

  14. Suomessa paras vaihtoehto on ottaa molemmat norjalaiset kortit: Bank Norwegian ja Komplett Bank.

  15. Iirc, the system for rolling upgrades on safi weapons in iceborne allowed you to bank power if you didnt want what was offeres, in order to increase your chances at a stronger upgrade.

  16. It was pretty easy to get stat upgrades on Safi weapons, but getting a specific set bonus could take a long time.

  17. If you are on Pixel, you can downgrade back to A11 if you hate it that much. As for other phones.. well, I can only think of Oneplus having a similar capability.

  18. I could do it on a Moto G100 via unlocking the bootloader and flashing A11 back.

  19. Did you relock the bootloader after flashing it back?

  20. Terrorism is "unlawful" violence against civilians to push a political agenda according to the most basic definition.

  21. Majority of people don’t know or don’t wanna go thru the hassle of that

  22. Do those people critique the photo quality in the first place?

  23. Hell even some of us in this sub have stopped caring.

  24. Whenever I see a major version upgrade I'm afraid of what feature I'm going to lose.

  25. Don't really feel any lag in daily use. I use split screen often with it, with a video stream playing on top while browsing on bottom, and it doesn't become hot. I don't emulate or play games, so can't comment on that performance.

  26. If the addition of a 90Hz display is the only thing that prevents this phone from being the phone of the year, it already is: regular users don't care that much about high refresh rate.

  27. I'm having trouble seeing the tangible benefits of a higher refresh rate screen. Most videos are 24, 30 or 60 fps. Does the refresh rate somehow help you find information faster? Book tickets more accurately? Read text easier?

  28. I wish this phone had a MicroSD slot. If it had it, I’ll upgrade from my Samsung S10e.

  29. Sait 1500e halpaa lainaa (korko < inflaatio) valtiolta. Palautuksia saavat taas lainasivat valtiolle rahaa ilman korkoa, eli hävisivät inflaation takia rahaa.

  30. En tiedä miten tuo tarkalleen menee mutta eikö niitä pyaty nostamaan takautuvasti 3 vuoden ajalta?

  31. Veronpalautukset vanhenevat viidessä vuodessa, jos ei ilmoita tilinumeroa tai nouda pankista maksuosoitusta.

  32. You forgot a very useful gesture, "go back 1 app" which eliminates most "Recents" usecases. Where you can just swipe along the pill to go back or forward through your recents list without even bringing up the full UI.

  33. One thing for sure is I'm glad Android giving options to choose between gesture and button. I prefer gesture but I use buttons on my parent's phone because one less thing to remember is better.

  34. Isn't that exactly what Android 13 is doing?

  35. Sadly it is. Samsung was ahead of the pack by implementing it in One UI 3, which was released in 2020.

  36. No, I'm saying that one is a feature built on top of the other and you're getting them mixed up.

  37. And while they built app pairs in One UI 3 in 2020, they simultaneously removed being able to keep the top app active while browsing home screen or browsing recent apps. Because the OS minimizes the entire app pair as a whole. They're very much connected.

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