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  1. I actually did! It's 26.8 for the diameter of the opening


  3. I have no clue but the weird thing for me was that they took the post only but left the actual seat... maybe this model had a pretty good shock absorber who knows

  4. So you get honked at every stop light, gotcha

  5. There is A LOT of agriculture in the EP area. My family owns a commercial apple orchard 3.5 miles from the derailment. If it's not food for people being grown, it's corn and wheat and food for the animals that we then eat. It is the most rural area in Ohio and a huge farming community. Most of us grow our own food and raise our own animals. You'd better believe we will be testing soil and water quality. My dad has been growing fruit for 50+ years and I have honeybees there as well. We have a pristine natural spring and multiple irrigation ponds on the property, too, and this entire mess makes me absolutely sick. Fuck corporations that do this.

  6. I'm not a vegetarian, I don't eat awful cow titty juice either

  7. It's the Deregulated LifestyleTM you voted for. A bit late for recriminations. Like Turkish apartment blocks.

  8. Yeah, first we have the right wing deregulatory policies to blame, since this accident could have been prevented

  9. Who's saying that it means anything to her career? She's a successful producers puppet. Good for her. Her shows demonstrate her lack of actual musical ability perfectly, pregnant or not.

  10. Man discovers how the music industry works. More at 6!

  11. Lost MLS Finals, World Series, and now the Super Bowl all in the same year. I’m kinda over life right now…

  12. Technically it's a different year...

  13. Not all electronic music is techno

  14. She did.. It doesn't matter what culture ur from..if the food stinks the food stinks doesn't stink because they're Asian and it's foreign to other cultures literally just stinks and everyone knows it stinks ... My people in Philippines can tell you durian stinks .. shez not clueless.. they know it smells bad ..she had to either be inconsiderate or just doing it on purpose if u have stinky ahh food like durian u should know not to do that

  15. Nah she didn't. It's food and we live in a stinky world. If you need your place to smell like rainbows all the time this is the wrong place for you.

  16. "You vill eet ze bugs and you vill like it!"

  17. I never advocated eating bugs - sensationalism on your part

  18. This specific issue has nothing to do with inflation.

  19. This is simply because the soybeans have had their third eye opened after years of kundalini yoga (they're woke). They're not vegan - only the ones without stripes are vegan. Hope this helps!

  20. No. The bowel movement after a Mcdonald's dinner.

  21. If you've thrown in the towel and we win you have no right to celebrate. ONLY THE BRAVE AND HOPEFUL WILL ENTER INTO VALHALLA

  22. Win or lose we had an amazing season no one expected us to be in the world series. Also it shows we can compete. Just need to fill a few holes

  23. gnrc says:

    Eagles fans threw batteries at Santa.


  25. I said most. I also never said happy. They don’t know what happy or hell is. That’s just normal to them. But way to completely miss the point..

  26. Are you not aware most animals used for slaughter in industrial countries are factory farmed? And just because constant pain and torture is the norm for them doesn't mean anything. Shit's fucked.

  27. Idk, looks pretty much how I'd imagine serious shoulder/chest mass! At that point I imagine it would be pretty difficult unless you increase calories and sacrifice a little leanness to be bigger overall then strategically go back on a cut to shed the extra lbs.

  28. For better or for worse, not every culture is the same - open corruption is part of some cultures and it's up to you whether you will live a sheltered (but safe, straightforward) life not experiencing it. Whereas in some first world countries these bribes are not part of the culture, the cost of travel is still elevated - you are still in a way paying the cost of those bribes in the food you eat, lodging, etc. It's just that in certain countries there is no middleman and you pay it up front to cops who are barely paid a living wage. I always say if you're viewing your limited time on earth from your death bed, and think, for example, not ever having seen the pyramids of one of the most influential civilizations for man, and snugly think it was worth it because you didn't experience possibility of bribery, then good for you. There are people that are more open minded :)

  29. Hi’ I’m going to be in Lisbon from April 13-20th if you ever want someone to eat/do stuff with! I’m 25f!

  30. Hey I'll be visiting there from April 15-19 (29 M from Philly). I will be taking my camera to shoot some architecture, probably stay at a hostel in the weekend. Also... through meetup I am going on an organized hike and sunset sailing cruise easter Sunday (about 30 euros). DM if you wanna meet up!

  31. Currently budgeting for a trip to USA in September. Planning on visiting a number of cities so each will vary I guess in terms of food/drink prices and also how much to get into attractions. My current plan is:

  32. Philly guy here. I'd say the good thing about here is the relatively low cost for lodging and food can be pretty darn cheap depending on what you're looking for. A good philly cheesesteak will cost you about $9 just for the entre and maybe $15 total for fries and a soft drink. A proper meal at a restaurant will run you much more of course.

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