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  1. Not owning animals means they may be put down/euthanized or sold to a mill or fighting ring. I’ll never stop rescuing my pets (which is how I’ve come to own the 3 cats I have). My cats have the best life now. They stay indoors unless we take them out supervised and on a leash or tie out, they get fed regularly, and they’re loved to the point of them being annoyed by it (sometimes). If you have empathy for animals you’ll rescue them from a shelter and take them home and love them.

  2. Kindly refrain from associating the article with the one who posted the link to it, for I have not written it!

  3. No I’m not comparing humans to animals but the idea is the same. To some, their pets ARE their family. I know that’s how I, my husband, and our children feel about our cats.

  4. Any moment a new headline will be seen: the project is postponed for lack of fund /s

  5. The ops link said nothing about signing deal nor any Indian official statement

  6. Most of these articles are never about official statements, unfortunately!

  7. Hire some nuclear engineers also and good luck removing uranium.

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