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Clearest ever photo of Jupiter

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  1. Wow, wow, wooow, this cant be real, I'm a very sick Silent Horror fan to die and I never listened to this song. I think is a demo that never saw the light. And i think the singer here is Brandall right? super cool, Silent horror never stop amaze me.

  2. This was the officially released version with brandall on vox. Can't be streamed anymore due to ongoing disputes with goolsby.

  3. Cool information. It's a real shame the problems between Goolsby and the band, they made true great music together.

  4. Orphan by paleface is the closest sounding song to a slipknot song.

  5. Thank you so much for that recommendation. Awesome and SICK song!

  6. I must say, agreed, one of his fucking best masks. Pure insanity.

  7. Holy shit!!! This is so fucking funny, but this moment 1:41 broke me in laugh.

  8. that guy could fall from the highest edifice and wouldn't happen anything to him.

  9. So that stupid just... hit you because yes? Damn, that's crazy. Anyway I wish you a soon and cool recovery dear metalhead 🤘

  10. The last, the red, definitely. Literally and metaphorically radiant.

  11. So these animals could kill us as we kill roaches... that's crazy but fascinating at the same tame.

  12. I'm looking at your Silent Horror patch. So you're a tomb brother!!!

  13. Jupiter must be definitely one of the most craziest planets near us. Crazy and incredible of course.

  14. WTFH man, just GET AWAY FROM THEM! Don't even doubt it. Those guys are just savages.

  15. Wow, now I'm gonna go to subscribe that channel. Made a great job. Right like this is how the nowadays nu metal must sound. Awesome!

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