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  1. Yep. I really can't stand how the word 'stoic' is used to describe a man or men! It's been perverted and twisted to mean that one (usually a man in this case) is completely void of emotion and that couldn't be further from the truth. Quite the opposite. The Stoics and followers of Stoicism were well aware of the emotions they felt. Definitely processed them. But very rarely expressed it outwardly. They certainly weren't ruled by their emotions

  2. Awww. Thanks but I haven't got a Snapchat baby cutie 🥰

  3. I'd really love if every passenger could be a driver for a week.

  4. Good work. Did you see or hear it happen?

  5. We saw the very last bit of the cars settling if that makes sense. Came around a corner to a dusty plume and SUV skidding. Had loud ass Christmas tunes going so didn't hear shit.

  6. Well, thanks to your quick thinking as well as Google's you were of great help and a good Samaritan that day. Cheers to you M8!

  7. Hello you are very beautiful. Have you ever traveled to America??

  8. Hell yeah! Especially if she likes to top.

  9. Get on my knees and deepthroat her cock!

  10. Your wish is my command 🤤🤤🥰

  11. Feel you bro same fuckin here!!! No offspring from me. Trynin' to keep it that way!

  12. Will you bring him home so we can have a threesome?

  13. Not unless I absolutely have to!

  14. Ha. Not a cancellation fee story but today I went to a pickup in a somewhat shitty low income neighborhood. I was using destination filter to get home and the fare was right so I went for it. Lazy motherfucker uses the current location instead of typing in his address, so instead of an exact address it says “near 137 blah blah street” whatever. Dude and his lady come out and the dude starts yelling at me cos I’m literally right across the street and not in front of his house. Dude was too lazy to walk a few feet to my car. So, I yelled it’s cool I got you. Swung a U-ey, stopped right in front of them, locked my doors as they walked up, waved goodbye and peeled out. People gonna learn lol

  15. Love it! I'm ALWAYS OUT WAITING. I DO NOT make a driver wait. I drove too long! I know better than to be a shitty passenger!!

  16. You should find an older gentleman who has a massive cock sweetheart. We actually know how to use the damn thing(s) as to not make anything hurt too much. Doing sex with a big dick is somewhat of an art. It's not like small ones babe. We can't go in guns blazing ready to clear the place out.

  17. I love all of the comments. I especially appreciate you all sharing your favorites and how different they all are as well as all the different movies cited. It's probably been a topic before but one I'm sure it got buried like this one will like all others in this sub

  18. I actually knew someone that just got up and left the theater when he saw that scene of Bond jumping and catching the airplane. He must never have heard of James Bond before...

  19. Or just didn't have suspension of disbelief.

  20. good tip. I think I see ham sandwiches in my near future.

  21. Those are PERFECT!! 🥰🥰

  22. Blow me after I give you a creampie!

  23. I know, it's just I feel like right now all I can do is hurt people, and that I need to work to fix it. So I have three options, isolate myself and stay away from other people but the loneliness makes that unbearable, fix myself, which I know is the right answer but it's so fucking hard and I don't even know if it's possible, or y'know end it, which I know is bad, but it's easy, and sorta quickly becomes not my problem.

  24. Ending it only pisses people off, hurts the ones you love and is, like you said, too easy. The hardest thing to do is fix yourself and is in turn, the right thing that those who love you would prefer. And let me tell you, every person who was in my life, who did that, to this day I think they are all fighting for the title biggest asshole in my life ever. I will never forgive any of them.

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