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I got tired of stores calling the same thing a different name to charge you more. I built a site that connects exact items, even if renamed, wherever you can find them. (Just furniture now.)

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  1. Not really an answer to my question. I am totally willing to rescue a dog if it has the right temperament. Even shelter dogs have breeds though, making my question valid even for shelter options.

  2. It’s just that what you wrote made it seem like your main concern is getting a hike-proof breed rather than a dog that’s also good with hiking. IME most dogs are pretty good hikers!

  3. I appreciate that you got defensive over what you thought my intent was. It WOULD be dumb to get a dog purely on its suitability for backpacking, or any other hobby, without considering the rest of that stuff.

  4. Lanshan 3F UL 2P. Its a sil-nylon double wall zpacks duplex knock off. Sold as MIER in the US but is cheaper, if you patience, on aliexpress. Seams need to be sealed, but otherwise a killer tent. I’m a fan.

  5. Why even make this comment? Les Pauls have been wired in this configuration for 70 years. It's not hard.

  6. Why even make this comment? Its like , unproductive and doesn’t do anything but kill conversations, man…

  7. And get banned for asking reasonable questions 😂

  8. Osprey’s Exos 58 is on closeout right now at REI and on the osprey site. 160 is a steal for that right now

  9. Double sides? Very cool and something I’ve thought about trying. What are the advantages? Have you always done double sides? Also, that is some for real reinforcement at your tailblock. What are you making that so strong for? Honest me curious questions, your work is really pretty and I just wanna know.

  10. Carbon fiber like that is actually not nearly as difficult nor costly to apply yourself as it seems. Its just laying the fabric onto the resin and letting it cure properly.

  11. You can use 1/2” or 3/4” Baltic bitch ply without any CF cloth and it’s more than strong enough. Curious as to the thought process there though! I’m guessing because of the pain of thing in the inner side since the block is mounted to the outer side.

  12. Looks like a mount point in the tail block? Support for a bigsby-style trem?

  13. 1.) When we turn our attention upon a problem, a challenge, or the constant patterened-input feedback loop requiring our focusing; no matter the circumstance, - we do so by partitioning the incoming stimulation of patterns into which of those patterns are of immediate and acute use: for the behavioural goal, we are planning to engage in.

  14. This is very well written, and remarkably accurate compared to reading and from how my own ADHD-C seems to work. I've heard ADHD better described as a Motivation Deficit Disorder, rather than an Attention/hyperactivity deficit disorder. The ADHD brain tends to only reward the heavily weighted 'novel' stimuli and completely neglect to reward any of the 'boring' functional stimuli. The dopaminergic response 'valve' is either completely closed, or complete open. Whereas the typical brain reaction is to have a constant flow going at all times, with micro-rewards with nearly every stimuli.

  15. Thank you! Yeah, I’m being checked for ADD myself. The wave analogy I find is a good one. Where others follow through because a functional reward is on the “end” of the wave, and they discern a pattern along it, that is because the sequence they can partition the wave into is large enough to allow for meaningful stimulation and beginning patterned computation. If you only see a short sequence of the wave, and the vertically aligned patterns (dots let say) along the wave is to far apart when considering the sequence of phase-space you can see; so as to make them meaningless and so no functional rewards is seen by the brain by following the next “phase of that particular wave, and got onto focus on another far quicker. Which leads to an obvious problem with rewards of longer attention to what you’re supposed to be focusing on.

  16. I have had the lanshan 2 for a few years now and I +1 the above info. If you get any of the lanshan tents, plan on seam sealing it. It has a few common spots that leak. 28 seconds into the video below is the spot that most people report it leaking from. I sealed mine prior to actually using it and have never had any leaks, but I also have never been in a total downpour in it either.

  17. I'm just not sure he should join the 2 different worlds...

  18. Have you read all the cosmere books? They share a lot of characters. The whole idea behind the cosmere is that its all the same universe just with different shards of Adonalsium. Wit (Hoid) for instance, is in nearly every cosmere book, if you know to look for him. I’d list a bunch more but don’t want to spoil anything

  19. Whatever you do, get polarized. Seems like for your price range the sunskis, goodr, and knockarounds are a good fit. For more expensive, I recommend Smith with Chromapop. They’re awesome and forsure a step above my sunskis when I tested them both in the Caribbean

  20. Probably a dual showman cab. I’m saying that because I can see silver dust caps on what I’m assuming are JBLs. If they are you got yourself some serious stuff. Great for cleans. Eddie used them with greenbacks in his cab too.

  21. Owned one for years and I agree, looks like a dual showman cabinet. 2x15 JBL’s with the silver dome

  22. I didn’t even know PRS made amps! Seems I played acoustic for too long. I’ll check into em. Thanks!

  23. Neither did I till I stumbled across a killer deal on this one at GC. The Sonzeras aren’t the super boutique hand-wired amps that PRS is supposed to be known for (like the Archon). They are chinese made but PRS designed and are built to a very high standard.

  24. I recently picked up a PRS Sonzera 20 since my 135w twin reverb was waaaaay too loud for a bedroom amp. Highly recommended!

  25. Honestly? A big Star Wars themed Lego set. One of my favorite things as a kid was building Legos and listening to audio books as a kid and I would occasionally enjoy a set now..... the audio books have never really stopped lol

  26. I’m in my 40’s now and I’ve received a big lego set during the previous two christmas’s. Honestly my favorite gift each year!

  27. That's so fun! I am 30 and gave up my Legos to my younger brothers years ago but sometimes I'm at Walmart and just kind of wander down the Lego aisle to see what they got..... and then I leave because they are expensive.

  28. Treat yourself to a set or two! Build them enthusiastically and display them so your friends and family can see them. You’ll get lego gifts in the future, for sure!

  29. Forgetting what you are currently talking about, literally mid-sentence

  30. You are the first person to actually recommend absolute (that i have seen). I have only seen absolute used by one company or should i say online school. Reinstalled windows and within 20 minuets of connecting it to the internet i see mcafee appear on the system and i was so confused. Then i rebooted the machine and it had the schools bg and their terms of use program. Made me question alot of things at that point.

  31. It used to be called Computrace and its built in but disabled in all dell enterprise client hardware options. We use it and love it.

  32. Somewhat, I guess, but its clearly the only tactic left for the GOP since thats all they do these days. Fox news doesn’t even try to conceal the blatant lies they peddle anymore Tucker Carlson got off scott free from the libel lawsuit last year.

  33. I was pretty depressed and in a dark place when I got treatment in high school. The meds 100% turned my life around and definitely saved me from my own self-destructive pattern.

  34. It is literally true though, antidepressants build in your system. They take weeks or longer to see if they’re working and by then, you may not be able to simply stop taking them. They need to be taken with serious caution. The mood effects are a mile long.

  35. You get it. In that moment, could could care less that I'm catching a resentment & about to battle an inanimate object. Can't be disrupting that musical flow state. We're throwing hands, door.

  36. Right? It’s just gotta be an instinctual reaction from deep within our lizard brains. It so easily and instantaneously triggers a full stop to all other thought processes and fills you with an all consuming need to murder that MF’ing drawer handle with extreme prejudice (for the next 20-30 seconds or so)

  37. I think this is seriously the basic approach to the common core standard.

  38. Came here to say this. I never understood the constant complaints over common core math and “not understanding how to help my kid with basic math anymore”.

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