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  1. Can't win a title without a top 10 player. JB and Hali are top 25, maaaaybe top 20 at best. Not good enough

  2. Allen Iverson only scored 60 points once...

  3. And LeBron isn't a volume scorer? 27 ppg is good enough for what, 6th all time? Being good at other things apart from scoring is bad now?

  4. They really let Book and KD team up. League might be cooked next season if this Suns squad is fully healthy and they add some bench depth. Booker is the 2nd best player KD has ever played with.

  5. Don't count Harden cause it was like 10 games they played together.

  6. I don't see how you could argue against it. His resume is already better than KG, Dirk, and Malone's

  7. Not a title window unless Harden proves he's not a choker. No benefit of the doubt for him after so many failures

  8. I don't think you can win a title with a center as your best player in todays NBA. Pretenders

  9. I mean he’s doomed if he does, doomed if he doesn’t. He guards the big man, Brunson layup, he guards Brunson, big man dunk. Just caught between a rock and a hard place

  10. I think you're talking about Jamal Murray who was in the paint trying to guard Brunson and Robinson at once. I'm talking about MPJ who was in the backcourt and just lets Brunson walk by him

  11. This is the first year I’ve recalled where the majority of the lower seeds (5-8) look more “playoff-ready” than the top 4 in a conference?

  12. Warriors, Suns, Clippers, Lakers if healthy are all better than the top 3 seeds in the West

  13. The Nuggets are the most obviously fraudulent team since the 2015 Hawks. They've been great the whole regular season but everyone outside Nuggets fans knew they're not gonna do anything come playoffs

  14. So is it safe to say the CJ, Norm, Covington trades were an L?

  15. No. His post game is non-existent which matters when you're using a qualifier like "most talented".

  16. Makes no sense to judge a 6'3 PG off his post game, that's like judging Shaq off his shooting ability

  17. Never seen a healthy Steph get locked up like KD did last year

  18. Lonzo/Fultz is the craziest bad luck i've seen from top 2 picks just from a health perspective

  19. I’m always baffled by people wanting to just drop segments of a season as irrelevant. The hot start to the season happened and it’s horrendous usage of data to just drop a bunch from a sample to make it tell a different story.

  20. I still think we have a good shot at winning it all but it's really disappointing that we regressed from last season after adding Brogdon. The Ime thing really fucked us

  21. Reddit in general seems to not understand what gentrification is actually doing to city’s. It’s literally washing the culture out of major cities. People want the culture of these places but without the people who make the culture, they just wanna take pictures in front of a mural of Mac Dre

  22. Lol go look at the Oakland in the 90s vs how it is today. It was a complete shithole with the highest crime rate of any major city in the US, and now it's an actually desirable place to live.

  23. I think once this wave of anti Jokic sentiment passes, people will realize he is by far the MVP. Games played, team success, stats all go in his favor compared to Embiid

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