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  1. Great stuff. I believe developers are working on games that can basically stream data straight from the SSD. That will be a game changer for future titles :) But I reckon they will need nvm v5.0 - but it's getting there :)

  2. What’s the difference between the two? I’m fairly new to Moduler and was going to pick up a pms for Christmas. Should I pre order the new one?

  3. If you want a new Pams then the pro is now the only option as the PNW is discontinued. Mind, if you need to you could go pre-used.

  4. You support the war ? I’d rather they talked about peace not more weapons and killing but guess that’s where me and you are different!

  5. Yes, this. Unfortunately you will get down voted for being a freethinker and deviating from the agenda.

  6. Blows my mind that the war is still going on. It's just a proxy war and it will only end when America and Russia decide it's going to end.

  7. Have my upvote. Unfortunately, most here swallow the crock given by MSM. They fail to see the nuance.

  8. Would have been better if it had been a pig :)

  9. IMHO, although it's nice to keep the packaging they can be numerous, bulky and a fire hazard in the home.

  10. Mmmm. Bring your own chair? Like 100 per chair for a table of 6 = too much. Cheaper to buy them a dieting course each.

  11. Humour activation not present. You need to lighten up.

  12. will this be the booster that got tested on 5 mice? No trials... no trails.

  13. Pretty unbelievable. Virtue signalling gone rampant.

  14. Do you really think those on benefits aren't already screwed, regardless of the supposed measures to "support them"?

  15. And the big corps and companies love it: They get to underpay their staff and the government makes up the difference (sort of) ... allowing them to be essentially subsidised by the state. This has been going on far too long.

  16. Let's cover the most of the UK in concrete and see what happens when it rains.

  17. For sure some fx like mimephone are great in the rack; and we mustn't neglect the Happy Nerding FX Aid - totally brilliant.

  18. agreed. a bit more modularity would help Few Candy shows though how you can combine assets to build novel structures. Worth a look if you play on PC.

  19. Big question. In addition to others comments, may I suggest you look and become familiar with Modular Grid Planner - it lists just about every module and gives details and links to manuals/manf. pages. You need to know and get a handle on what's out there as well as taking other peoples recommendations as a starting point.

  20. Yeah seems like modular is almost about learning and looking through everything before buying anything, cause theres so much to unfold

  21. Well, perhaps you want to look at creating a 'voice'. I.e. a couple of oscillators, a mixer (to get them together), a vca or two (to start) and a pair of envelope / function generators and a filter or two. That will get you some sound, but will be very vanilla. You need to add an LFO or two, another vca or two, an attenuverter to get some control and you will have some movement happening. Then sequencing.. so sure, a sequencer, a clock. Some multiples so you can rout a cv to many places. THEN you can have fun getting some toys!

  22. It's the way: divide and conquer. But most will not see through the smoke and mirrors and will blame the 9k per annum pensioner, rather than complaining to their bosses that their pay is below that needed for a reasonable standard of living, or lobbying the government for more social or affordable housing. etc. etc.

  23. Cubase is indeed the bees knees. But if you are using large sample libraries you really do need to up your RAM if possible. 32 Gb would yield a massive improvement as it lets a lot more pre-load without glitching or hampering playback.

  24. And you give a fuck? Wave goodbye to your buddies and just give him the finger.

  25. Medicine is not terrible. But once corporations start affecting political policy ...

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