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  1. Margarine is bad stuff. Best off without it. Processed crap.

  2. I work at a Uni, don’t actually pay into the pension scheme though, but do support what they’re doing.

  3. Didn't know you could decline to pay into the pension ... I'm pleased I paid in: I took a lecturing role for three years and it pays me a nice £120 pension per month now I'm retired. Interesting point, unless you pay in for 2 years you don't get anything!

  4. Stay with acrylics - faster drying, easier clean up. A ton of techniques you can use to get table top ready quickly; coloured primers, washes and inks spring immediately to mind.

  5. I suggested a similar thing when this story first broke .... I was massively down voted, despite suggesting that a rehabilitation would be under medical/clinical supervision. It makes you wonder eh?

  6. LOL - and an army of mates to help you trim :)

  7. oh, i wasn't aware schools actually had external doors to the toilets.. when i was in school pretty much all the bathrooms were open with cubicles like what they're planning and no one really cared. is that not.. normal?

  8. Phew, I hope they had good extraction fans to stop the corridors getting 'wafty'. All you need is half a dozen kids taking a synchronised dump and generating fumes to a dangerous level! :)

  9. All this is true so long as you accept the death of the English language.

  10. The English Language has always been fluid, being the bastard son of nearly every other language on the planet.

  11. I'd be a mad cow too if I was kept in those conditions.

  12. What's this? Is this the word 'octopus' being used as a plural? For God's sake isn't the situation bad enough already?

  13. I personally think that uniforms of some type are a good thing for practicality, and for many of the reasons stated here on the thread already.

  14. Stop feeding with crap. (**under medical supervision**) Hunger and self-preservation will take over.

  15. Been planning on it for the better part of a decade but I wasn't able to get out before brexit and it's kinda fucked by plans for the moment.

  16. As soon as Brexit 'fell' I was out. I am happier now as a resident of Portugal than I have ever been. Just less consumer crap and a more natural way of living. And the nature :) Every morning you look around and go wow.

  17. The UK isn't shit at all in my opinion. There's a lot to be said for free healthcare, a strong social safety net, and reliable public services - not to mention ales and curries.

  18. Got all of that good stuff in other parts of the world too :)

  19. LOL at some of the 'nuke' comments ... I guess you youngsters have been playing too much PS4 or X-Box :) Tactical nukes? My arse.

  20. Someone from Hull came for a day trip and farted after a massive Gregg's overdose?

  21. The papers are very very small, like really small, tiny.... infinitesimal. At the back of an invisible filing cabinet, in a store room the size of the universe. Located in the Caymans.

  22. Left Europe, pay the price... no pies for Jonny Foreigner... do they give fuck? No.

  23. Oh well, the general population will be healthier, since vegan food is mostly an excuse to pack with sugar, soya and grain. Non of which is healthy.

  24. Good job the buck was carrying his diary at the time, otherwise he could have missed it and ended up dead.

  25. Being 'converted' to Christianity is a pure smokescreen. Undercover radical Islamist. Taqiya, pure and simple.


  27. Perhaps Claridge's know their customer base, and it is at odds with the vegan desires of their head chef... who knows how to cook, but doesn't understand the business or the gamble that would be at stake by making such a radical change.

  28. You have to admit that the the trend is toward something that sounds more childish and more idiotic, and less precise.

  29. Although the language is fluid and I think we should all celebrate and uphold that, there is an alarming incidence of 'dumbing down'. There's likely something in the water :)

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