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  1. Just reading the comments here ... and as usual there are a significant portion misunderstanding the function of a university. It is NOT generally (medicine, law and engineering / architecture aside) a 'training course'. For job training, FE and skills based courses are the places to go. And more people should.

  2. US should just bug out and look after its own domestic collapse.

  3. Nothing makes my belly fizz like my third once-in-a-lifetime financial crisis at 30 years old.

  4. 64 here and yup ... it's shite. Nothing much has changed over the years. Join the club bro.

  5. I'm pleased you managed to get out while you could. How do you find Portugal? Was it difficult to move to?

  6. I got out of the UK during the agreement period and applied for residency. It was a long term plan but Brexit sure helped push it along at an accelerated pace. However, I'm not so sure it would be so easy now. Best to take official advice/info.

  7. Make you own in an air fryer ... satisfaction g'teed. Add as much salt and cider vinegar as you wish. Also you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your crisps are not full of crap.

  8. can you go into more detail? What kind of salt is best? Are the potatoes just sliced? This sounds like the way forward for me since I'm essentially trapped outside the UK without a steady supply of decent S&V crisps.

  9. Cut the potatoes to your desired thickness - use a mandolin to get them thin ... too thick and they wont get crispy.... I like my apple cider vinegar. I use Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, fancy! a spray with oil is required, but it is just a misting. While at it, the air fryer does also make very good chips. No deep frying involved, no smell, no clinging frying smell in the house.

  10. Just a quick scan of the comments / replies shows just how little a lot of folk know about the effects of an escalated nuclear war. Really. Scary. Probably amongst those who have played too many video games and think there is a reset button if it all goes South :)

  11. If all nato countries aim for different parts of Russia and hit go, we can nip this all in the bud, and reduce the country to nothing.

  12. They should just fuck right off - Meal deals are the life blood of many working folk. Personally, I nearly always made my own 'pack up'... but occasionally I got a meal deal, a subway or something, as a 'treat'. What is wrong with these idiots calling for banning of what can be a perfectly healthy choice? And even if you do decide to do a Greggs huge pie, why is it anyone else's business?

  13. Oh yea, it sucks big style... as the weather warms (UV and IR a major factor) I am starting, after 8 months to feel better. It is hell. Life is just a roller coaster of ups and downs, shite and not so shite.

  14. I'm sure I read somewhere that at least 1 Tory MP has shares in a cannabis farm, licenced and all, for production of THC for the Pharma Industry/Export.

  15. Hemp is the boys, and the weed we smoke is the girls sticky flowers... thc/cbd growers cull the boys before they spoil your weed with pollination. So, they are both the same, but you can only smoke the buds from the seed free girls. The boys are good for making rope and shirts :)

  16. I think that being able to buy multiples (of any thing) at a reduced cost is a good thing, as long as it has a reasonable shelf life. Nothing wrong with a bit of candy occasionally: Just don't binge it and spread it over the week, or month.

  17. Main issue I have is when fuel stations charge 1 for £1.95, or 2 for £2.

  18. well, yea it's a no brainer for the extra 5p. Just give one to a mate, freeze for later or eat one now and the other tomorrow.

  19. Cold waters gonna defeat germs 🦠 like 😅

  20. Actually, heat of water (or use of a soap, which is technically a de-greasant) has no effect unless you want to put your hands or fruit in boiling water. The benefit of just room temp water is that the fungus spores / bacteria are removed by the water flow.

  21. Factually incorrect. Hot tap water and fairy liquid DESTROYS germs 🦠


  23. Being stuck in the house for 2 years and becoming a gremlin has aged me by about 20 years. 40 years of ageing in 2 years. Brilliant.

  24. Sorry to hear that and wishing you the best. I am 8 months in, taking vit D, zinc and magnesium. CBD for a good nights sleep helps, and I have started taking baby dose of asprin daily to settle heart arrhythmia that I was experiencing. The symptoms came on after my second shot... of course you are not tested at the time to see if you have previously or currently have the virus. I am now operating at about 80% ... December and I truly felt like the end was neigh.

  25. If you've had this, either from Covid or from a vaccine side effect, you would know exactly why you become 'housebound'.

  26. Why? You do realise we are able to live around other things which are alive and it isn't a problem.

  27. Have a look at some of the wee creatures that can invade you :)

  28. Sure, the brain eating bug is found in fresh water ... it goes up your nose and then follows the olfactory nerve to the brain, where it has a feast. But in salt water there are many critters... from algae to jellyfish babies, bacteria, viruses, and some nasties that are parasites of fish and molluscs... they are all in the soup. A lot of them can make you seriously ill. We got out of the ocean for a reason :)

  29. Little to do with his supposed 'crime' of trying to salvage history, and everything to do with a country walking backwards into the religious dark ages and its political positioning against its perceived enemies. Lets hope our somewhat useless government can get him the hell out of there.

  30. from the picture - it looks like it's time to get the bleach out.

  31. While this is great news technologically, and makes absolute sense automating something like public transport we are edging ever so closer to phasing out masses of jobs.

  32. All drivers are to be given MMA training and moved from behind the wheel to the back of the bus, where they can observe the passengers. /s

  33. But a lot of people don't have decent top soil, or a good bed, or the space required to be in any way self sufficient enough in enough variety of veg/fruit to have a nutritious diet enough to dent the shopping bill.

  34. Yup, about an acre per small family for veggies and fruit. Add 2 acres per cow (if you want milk for example) or 2 goats to an acre (with some chickens for eggs). Want to be renewably self sufficient for wood (heating)? then you need an additional 5-10 acres depending on location.

  35. Lovely setup there buddy. Would you mind sharing details of your little room? i.e. cost of the tent, materials, lights etc.

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