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  1. I was in the same spot as you a few days ago. Go to orbit and in the top left side of the screen there will be a mini menu for what you need to do. Best off to start from the first expansion and go through each one

  2. Calli out there revealing the secrets....thanks dad

  3. Nicole didnt know that they have a between a 7% and 21% false positive rate lol

  4. I find it hard to believe that she had enough 2nd hand smoke for it to be detected in her saliva. I think it's more likely that she was pashing old-mate and got high concentrations in her saliva that way.

  5. if you sit around with someone for about an hour (like she said she was) while they are smoking blunts or most likely in this case bong rips over and over. You will definitely get a second hand high and it would be detected in your saliva.

  6. I use a smart timer, I can control via my phone and also see energy usage etc

  7. Tplink are the ones I use. Have been using them for a few years

  8. Tv show would be cool, only if a lot of money was dumped into it though. Hell even an anime would be excellent

  9. I'm just about to start farming exotics, what lost sector is best or does it not really matter?

  10. No like I'm new new and need to know which expansion to buy?

  11. If you are on PC, get the expansions from cdkeys for a good discount

  12. They should of invested that 2 billion into YouTube to improve it....

  13. someone needs to let IRyS know that fake tits exist....

  14. why not use the 2 weeks as a little T break?

  15. Thats what i was thinking i know you can get super into it but most of the stuff above 10k is kinda overkill unless you are producing and mixing all of your stuff by yourself or a super big audiophile

  16. Noel has 2 KU100s...they are 10K-15K each alone. Sadly Fauna's one broke.

  17. Apparently Fauna discovered that it wasn't that her KU100 was broken but rather her audio interface itself was broken, since she tried to use a 3Dio as a replacement while getting her KU100 checked and it wouldn't work right either.

  18. oh well..thats kind of good news i guess. Time for a audio interface upgrade and a new ASMR stream hopefully.

  19. i use funnelweb, witherhoard and taipan...does me pretty well.

  20. Fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 she's sooooo pretty.

  21. you could of bought from attitude and received upwards of 20 seeds + freebies so maybe 25 seeds for about $140 including postage. They would of all been from reputable seed banks plus massive selection.

  22. I've ordered over 15 beans twice and they never made it through but everything under has and I get them removed from breeders packs they cut bits out of the pack and put in with seeds and everything has always matched up.. but deff attitude, I can only recommend orders under 15 beans though

  23. i also usually keep the seed count low, i think the max number i have order is like 30.

  24. plot twist...the tweaking girl IS kronii.

  25. i...i guess you (and nene) are right then haha

  26. then nene will have to ask me herself to be my wife XD

  27. panicked when i didnt see a NSFW tag on this...glad it was just a donut version.

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