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Reimer skips Pride Night

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  1. I'm confused, what do you mean? They ARE photographs! Am I missing something? 😂

  2. The joke was that OP said they painted some trainers and the meaning was that the trainers were painted and a photo was taken but the commenter made a joke implying that OP painted a picture of some trainers and this is the picture they painted.

  3. Given he had just met her how do you know if he didn't meet her first he wouldn't have liked her anyway? You don't. Just let them have a chance without getting in the way.

  4. So we should pass laws based on physical ability?

  5. Get out of here trying to turn my factual comment into a social debate, away you go be perpetually offended elsewhere please. Fs lol.

  6. I asked you how trabs men were a threat, and you responded with "they could be."

  7. Indeed. The same way non trans men could be. My original point being trans women are more equal in strength to bio men than they are to bio women, which answered OP's question, what's the problem?

  8. "His fun" ie, making other people feel less than so he can feel superior? Is that honestly the kind of child you want to raise? HONESTLY?! If that's the kind of values you're OK with your son having then you're failing as a mother.

  9. Hiding in plain sight? Taunting parents without their knowledge? Making their evil mark on products that are synonymous with the pure and innocent? I'm not saying this most definetily IS purposeful but when you see hidden symbolism in many famous logos it's not the most impossible thing in the world to believe.

  10. K. So then isn't it equally possible that it's none of those things and ppl are jumping at ghost. Esspcially since that sun logo is fairly old.

  11. I just suggested that it's possible, when i said its not a definite thing but also that there's other esoteric messages that occur in the world so It honestly wouldn't surprise me.

  12. So it would be less rude if they didn't describe her in such terms? Are you mad about that or about the fact what she said was "rude"? Make your mind up.

  13. OP used those terms to gain sympathy for rude behavior.

  14. I disagree. I think everyone would've responded the exact same way if that information wasn't included. The ladies actions in themself are enough to warrant a smartass response as she herself was being intrusive and rude. The OP declined to answer her yet she still kept going. A lesson in minding her own damn business perhaps?

  15. Its for the apocalypse when the rich have their underground bunkers and want to venture up to ground level to steal children - IT style.

  16. She told her mother she did not want this. Would rather there be no party, and mom refused to listen. Respect is earned. Maybe this will speak louder than the actual words.

  17. So she TOLD her dad to throw her a party? Lol yeah, sure doesn't sound like a spoiled brat...

  18. Yeah, being able to separate the "person" from "Detestable acts" is bullshit.

  19. Nah, if you don't understand that people have the ability to think and feel things beyond your own ability then that's on you, not them. Not everyone is one dimensional. We're not going to agree on this 😂 so whatever. Have a good day :)

  20. Sorry, when people do scumbag things they are a scumbag. If your best friend stole your car would you still think they were a great person? If your SO murdered your family would you still love them for your other qualities? If your neighbor believed that millions of people don't deserve rights based on their religion would you still think they were a good guy?

  21. 🤣🤣🤣 mate, you just lumped 3 VERY different examples into one and expect a blanket response for them. No. The first two are on two opposite ends of the terrible spectrum, given the scenarios. I'm defo more likely to forgive my best friend for stealing my car, I wouldn't think they were a great person in that moment no but I'd defo take the surrounding circumstances into consideration. If my SO murdered my family I think I'd hate them forever and probably go clinically insane and if my neighbor harbored the same beliefs as Reimer I'd feel the same way towards him as I've shown in my replies to you. He's not advocating robbing people or mass genocide. As long as he's not claiming all gays deserve to die horrible deaths then I'd be fine with them. They can quietly have their belief that those people have a certain place in the "afterlife" but aslong as they're not frothing at the mouth with hatred then I'd accept them as a person, yes. Just because you have faith in something doesn't make you an arsehole. A blind follower perhaps but that's what faith is, faith in something you may not fully understand but still believe at your very core. Doesn't mean that all people with faith are hateful cunts 🤣. There are PLENTY in the world who aren't. Anyway, aye, happy days!

  22. Probably had loads of broken cornets and thought fuck it some one will buy them. They were right.

  23. So many tip jokes. I asked my bf if he wanted one, he said "ooh just the tip, aye" wink wink, you're all filthy animals.

  24. Currently sitting on a bus reading this and I'm welling up. Must not cry on public transport when with oneself. There was something about that man, it was devastating.

  25. What’s the point of the joke there? That’s just being crude for no reason.

  26. If only the OP had actually told us the punchline because i heavily doubt "my ex and I broke up because of the language barrier" was the whole thing. Not only is it not funny it's just a normal way to explain to someone the reason for a relationship breakdown, it's not racist in the slightest.

  27. She didn’t say language - she said accent. People with accents can speak English believe it or not!

  28. Wow, thanks for the education. Can you explain to me why that's racist in itself please? And why you assume that was the whole joke? I assume if there was anything more "racist" said it would be highlighted in the post.

  29. That black people should be melted down for tarmac and the Chinese should be melted down for the yellow lines.

  30. I could see the OP entering $0 as the tip. But when the friends after him then each gained the courage to enter in low tips as well, thanking OP for making the first move. And the first friends turn to OP and tell him that they wish he had done that sooner so they would've had the courage to tip less. That is the part that makes me roll my eyes at the story.

  31. I can picture this scenario rolling out quite naturally, it's not as though OP quoted the exact things his friends said it was just a general breakdown, not like they went "Wow, thanks so much for having the backbone to do that, it really inspired me not to cave into peer pressure" and the other friends went "I wish you didn't do that, now I'm out of pocket and look like I don't have the same courage that you do" , now words to that effect I'd be with you but imagining this scene a bit more realistically it's actually not that much of a stretch.

  32. Forget exact quotes, the idea that a group of people watch their friend put in a $0 tip, and that they then ALL decide to enter in small tips as well because of it, and the people who had already tipped express regret at the tip they had already entered. That's not how people act.

  33. Well yeah he'd already said the waitress had an attitude from the start, that leads me to believe that the first few friends ONLY added the tips they did because the pressure, which is defo not outwith the realms of possibility. Given the OP chose to tip zero it gave the rest of them courage to do so based on her attitude, not just because he done it so they simply decided to be stingy. The first lot simply wished they had the balls to do it first. Its not that weird.

  34. Toxic femininity is all around, more universal and harder to tackle than toxic masculinity.

  35. I agree, it's more subtle and covert. The old adage men will take down an enemy with brute force while women do it with poison (or words to that effect) springs to mind.

  36. You can't really put a timeline on innate human nature. Not saying every woman is like this in the slightest but from my experience (especially when working in the beauty industry) its true. A lot will pretend they're not like that as its recognised society has appeared to "move on" and they don't want to be seen as that girl who shits on others but masks slip when they start to feel more comfortable with you.

  37. Where does it say she did it at gunpoint? Or anything about a gun? Where did that part come from?

  38. I met Kevin Bridges in Glasgow Central early in his career after his first Live at the Apollo. I couldn’t remember his name, called him ‘that comedian’, told him he was hilarious and to crack on with it, and then walked away while he looked mildly annoyed and bemused.

  39. I met Frankie Boyle on Buchanan Street years ago. He signed my water bottle as it was the only thing I had to hand, had a wee chat n he invited me to the Stand comedy club that weekend where he was trying out new material. Told me he'd put me on the guest list. I went n took my partner at the time. We got there n when I got to the box office proudly told them FB had put me on the GL she looked at me like dirt n basically told me naw hen. FB then walks out into the foyer n I'm like "hey it's me, met you on Bucky St, mind you said you would put me on the GL? This lady isn't letting me in". He looked at me, I looked at him. He looked at my bf, he looked back at him like a rabbit caught in the headlights. I said "mind you, eh, signed my water bottle?" A pissed off silence that seemed like an eternity later he said "Aye, sound" (or something to that effect) n walked away 🤦‍♀️. The cringe was strong in that one!

  40. Aww man that’s shite! Poor show from Frankie. Did you get in in the end?

  41. Aye we got in, it was about the time just after Jade Goody had died n he was hitting out with pretty raw material about her. Saw him in the hallway between acts later getting pretty cosy with a Chinese girl lol.

  42. Why are you concentrating on Carlson and not the footage? Despite whatever he may be the footage still stands.

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