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  1. If Thompson beats Holland, I reckon he'll say this is his last attempt at a title. He really is at the age where it's not possible.

  2. I love my local homeboy but Steven is going to be 40 in two months. This is fight two of a six fight deal. A lose here is doom for him. his only way out is retirement at this point and I would hope he has an escape clause in his contract.

  3. The Witcher doesn't follow the Source, But the writers at least read and took it in to consideration. The Actors tried to honor the characters and play them the best they can with the scripts they have.

  4. York and Chester really should be considered upstate. Lee, Sumter, Calhoun, Orangeburg should be part of the midlands.

  5. Maybe they're wake now that Starlink is eating their lunch, but where have they been for the last 10 years or so? Now it's a little too late...

  6. How is Starlink eating anybodies lunch, They still have massive amounts of per-orders unfulfilled. the quality of the service is getting spottier by the day.

  7. We had a flock when I was a kid. When they do have babies you have to move them the first time it rains or they just look up and drown themselves.

  8. Also a College Employee. As others have said expect 0-3% if your staff. Faculty it's whatever direction the political wind sock is blowing at the time. If it's a State Cost of living that is usually to offset and increase in retirement or Health insurance your school could throw additional on top of it 0-3%. My School has given us 5% twice in 14 years.

  9. He’s ok with giving free tuition to tech colleges (which is the only great thing he’s done) but not student loan forgiveness? Make it make sense

  10. The state has nothing to do with free tech college tuition. That money is all herf Funds. It's tuition only after grants and scholarships and fees and books are not included.

  11. Don't turbines need some wind to drive them? Is there sufficient breeze?

  12. no, Convection of the hot air leaving causes them to spin. They should spin regardless of wind as long as the air in the space is hotter then outdoor air temp.

  13. Stick on auto @ whatever temp you like and forget you have a t-stat. clean the filters once a month.

  14. Buy once, cry once. you can get a bergara wilderness or a tikka T3 for not much more and they are much better rifles.

  15. I might have formulated the question incorrectly, I know next to nothing about the industry. I’m really asking if I need to have a contractors license or other trade specific licenses In order to start, or can I just hire people who have them. I am passionate about service business and this is higher ticket. After picking peoples brains and starting my business plan, I intend to apprentice for about 6 months to a year to learn the basics. No tax evasion lol, just looking to get a baseline idea/info before I go looking for a mentor, and before calling up companies to let me shadow them.

  16. nobody can answer this question in full. State and local laws all vary. generally you need a retail license and Most states classify HVAC as mechanical contractors. So you would need A mechanical contractors license. You can own a HVAC company with out one, but you would never be able to pull permits. You can employee somebody that has the licenses and have them qualify your company with their licenses. your local laws may vary on this.

  17. I too am wondering why masks and the plexiglass of uselessness is necessary in Marion,IA

  18. I hunt Arizona and have never even owned any blaze orange.

  19. I think in most of AZ green would stand out more than orange anyway.

  20. After careful study of the pictures. You'll be fine till it breaks. the coil is cleanable from the return opening, albeit difficult and time consuming. If the blower or a board ever goes bad your screwed. It just baffles me that somebody worked extremely hard to create a system that screwed up. 700sqft could have been a couple of mini-split heads. at least that would be serviceable.

  21. Why is nobody pointing out that this is a facilities job for a College. You are not going to be installing shit ever. your keeping equipment running and will never have overtime or any of the long days you get in service. this is basically a I'm done running around per-retirement job, or I was never really all that great of a service tech job.

  22. I do not want to know how much money it takes to re paint that thing every couple of years.

  23. Wow 72k...... That's a chunk of change. It's worth it for keeping the looks.

  24. It's more for the upkeep on systems related to it. It is a functioning Water tower.

  25. You know I was talking about imminent death. But if my pro-abortion was not far enough for you, then I don't know what to tell you.

  26. a series of really long wires?

  27. So if this does get a redo can everyone vote again or just people who voted for the 2 candidates?

  28. Definitely skillwise, but the winner of this fight, plus Marina, Andrade, Rose and Dern w/another win, possibly Tatiana if she ever returns, may all have a chance at the title before the loser of this fight does.

  29. at this point I doubt she ever returns. Just remember that a neck injury is what found her cancer.

  30. main reason I resold mine is the parallax adj @ the objective. Also the cross hairs a so thin that they almost disappear if your aiming into shadows. the illumination on this is the only thing that makes it usable.

  31. I took mine in 2000 and no lie 50% of the test was dates.

  32. I’ve heard about people seeing them but I’ve never seen one here in my 30 years

  33. I haven't seen any in 30 years in South Carolina till this week and I have seen 5. all dead in the road . Also the amount of Opossum I have seen on my game camera has gone down every year for the past 5 years. So maybe the opossums are Pokemon that are evolving into armadillos.

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