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  1. I'm emailing the Gmail. I want to play thrilling time sensitive murder games too

  2. I remember on summer leaving the pool to go play super mario galaxy, memories. Anyway id love this switch to play botw

  3. Si solo quieres un trabajo de verano, no digas que solo quieres un trabajo de verano. Poca gente querrá contratarte solo un mes. Busca trabajo normal y corriente, si te preguntan si tienes planes de futuro da respuestas ambiguas. Al cabo de un mes y medio te vas y punto, sin malos rollos.

  4. No entiendo la parte de que entrabas y les dejabas tu cv. Les decias que buscabas trabajo y te contactaban mas tarde con información de contacto de tu cv?

  5. When I went on my honeymoon in Italy this worked great. A lot of hotels upgraded our room and left things like champagne and chocolate covered strawberries for us.

  6. How/when did you tell them? Was it when you were there and told staff or did you just call beforehand to say that?

  7. Right before I fell asleep i had a tickly sensation and if I remember well feeling the cold liquid flow into my arm. Then I just woke up a bit groggy.

  8. If you mean with other friends no you cant invite people of other platforms to your lobby right now, it is unclear when they will add this feature but I hope soon enough

  9. The older you get the less you start to care. You start to realize most people don't give 2 sh!ts about you.

  10. On the atomic level, if you think of the movements of atoms like a domino falling one after another, isn’t all life decided from the beginning of the universe?

  11. I don’t think so because of heisenbergs uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics which states that you cant know both the position and velocity of an electron at the same time, kind of like shrodingers cat too, it can be alive or dead and when you measure it it has different probabilities of being alive or dead. Take my words with a pinch of salt since im no physicist

  12. I wanna fit both push ups and dips into my workout program but I feel they train pretty much the same muscles so I am unsure how I could fit both of them in while allowing my chest and arms some rest time

  13. Whenever I attempt a a few wall walks after the first one (in which I contract my abs as hard as I can to keep my back straight) my lower back just arches inwards towards the wall, how can I prevent this? Also any tips for progression towards a handstand are aprecciated:)

  14. It's funny though that the schematics in there has nothing to do with the charge pump that's being described in the - well - description. :) Where did that come from? It's OVP/UVP protection IC for single-cell Li-Ion batteries, I used them in a couple of my projects. It looks so out of place with that description...

  15. As the datasheet says, it produces a regulated voltage output from a 2.7 to 4.5V input.

  16. Nice! That was unexpectedly difficult, with having to equate my letter notations and the pictures, but it was really fun!

  17. To be honest, I forgot about the question as soon as I started trying to solve it 😅 it was fun, but I don’t want to do it twice just to figure out the answer

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