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  1. The pendant that Valentina gives Isabella is a starfish. Mia also had a starfish necklace. I don’t know if that some sort of foreshadowing. Like maybe both are that end up in the ocean

  2. I have always felt Mia was being set up as a tragic character, but I hope not. It'd feel like a cop out to me if the only ones who died/felt consequence in both seasons were hotel staff (Armond/Isabella) and locals (Kai/Mia)

  3. I wonder if Harper will get with Cameron out of spite (since she thinks it was Ethan's condom) and then Ethan will find out and either kill her or Cameron (calling back to the mask story at the start of the season).

  4. As someone who thinks she's a magnificent actress, but is put off by her views (I've always been able to separate the art from the artist), these comments have given me a lot more respect/sympathy for Letitia. She really does seem like she's accepted that she was in the wrong and is trying to put this past her, and THR writing her in this article was distasteful to say the least. Everyone deserves second chances.

  5. I think the most egregious thing abt this is that people expected this to trade blows with the 4090, but it really is clearly an 80 series card. It isn’t the 4090 lite. You’d be better off picking up a 3090ti for 800 or, better yet, a 7900XTX. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a BEAST of a card, but for $1200 it just isn’t worth the money.

  6. It’s crazy how a pretty sizable card like the 3080 looks tiny in comparison to the new GPUs we’ve been seeing lately

  7. Removed - this is a clickbait title. Just list what you have and don't use things like "Low Prices"

  8. Apologies. Am I good to just repost this without that in the title?

  9. I reposted but it was removed since it’s been less than 3 days

  10. Pre-3000 series you are right. However, if I sold my EVGA 3080ti right this moment I would only get 50% back. I used to be able to recoup a minimum of 75% back.

  11. Even the lower-end 3000 series cards are holding their values decently well. It’s just that the massive price cut on the 3090ti makes it a no-brainer to go for that as opposed to a standard 3090 for around $150 more new.

  12. Fwiw, I know some people who have seen his new film, The Inspection, to which they’ve said is “pretty good.”

  13. That card is giving ion vibes from valorant

  14. I feel like most people are going to laugh but I drive a 2016 Nissan Rogue and my wife drives a 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT. Both cars are paid off and until we actually have any issues with them you won’t see me spending a dime on a new car.

  15. Out of curiosity, is it the Star Wars Rogue One edition Nissan Rogue?

  16. I was considering making this exact upgrade. I struggle to hit a consistent 170 in valorant at 1440p low settings. Would you recommend it?

  17. Anyone else expect Elsa to have like.. any kind of wound after getting her head smashed into that ledge three times by a giant Scottish man? 👀

  18. This was literally my biggest issue with the whole short film. Which I guess is a good thing lol

  19. They send out tickets for it, I actually have one. Idk if they’ll scan the ticket or the badge itself though

  20. I’m gonna be honest you, I would feel super bad knowing you couldn’t get in with the ticket itself

  21. Shoot me a pm! If you aren’t gonna go, I have no issue buying it off you, even if there’s a chance I can’t get in.

  22. Anyone in NYC know if Verizon stores still have stock? Hoping to exchange my 128gb black for a 256 purple when my phone arrives later in the day

  23. For those who are still on the fence about space black vs purple, I went and saw the phone and have some thoughts.

  24. Is the change to AppleCare+ (allowing unlimited incidents) making some of you rethink whether to use a case/screen protector now? I've always been one to use a case, but now that it's so cheap and easy to replace the screen($29)/back glass($29)/device($99), why deal with the case?

  25. Not rethinking using one altogether, but I'm going for an apple silicone case instead of a bulkier, more protective one.

  26. My Verizon order is still sitting on label created. How screwed am I for my launch day delivery?

  27. Can’t let those peasants think you got the 13 pro

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