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  1. I see you don't have Penumbra. Once you get it, you'll have to make an SSS tier for Umbral Choir.

  2. Sounds like someone has never played Heroes of Might and Magic, D&D, The Elder Scrolls or literally any popular fantasy franchise in existence

  3. I was honestly sure we all agreed dc is better

  4. "We" meant like everyone? I'm really shocked this post got positive feedback

  5. Soviet (совет) does not mean union, it means “advice” or “suggestion”. Union would be Soyuz (союз)

  6. You are not wrong, but it also means "council", which is the actual meaning in this context (referred to councils of various degree of authority that governed parts of the country).

  7. JK has already had enough exposure to last a life time. Even if no one ever bought another HP book ever again she's still comfortably set for life. Boycotting her now does nothing

  8. Thank you. This is the only sane position I've seen on this in a long time.

  9. I agree with you. But we're a minority in the sub, just like real life. Most Deus Ex fans just like stealth games, and memes about said stealth game.

  10. Complete nonsense. Plenty of new games and media in general bring up "hot" political issues.

  11. A lot of people in this thread that would rather believe that the bad times are behind us and that things like war in Europe just isn't possible anymore.

  12. How about the same exact tech being used for ENS domains, where now you own your website domain instead of someone like godaddy or google. Where you can have single sign on that can’t just be turned off by someone like google or stripe closing your account? Are we just gonna ignore the positives?

  13. MSI Afterburner, Ctrl+F brings up a voltage curve editor. Be careful with it. Recommend looking up a guide

  14. Again, MY OPINION, I am allowed to have it. If you don't like it. It's your problem not mine. Not everything in life has to be a fight

  15. Yeah, and other people are allowed to criticize and question your OPINION. Goes both ways.

  16. I never said that. You are making crap out to suit YOUR VIEWS

  17. You claimed that this is "someone just showing too much". I challenged that notion as something that's not for you to decide. You immediately went on the defensive about how this is "your OPINION". So what am I making up here?

  18. I love Cal's actor, and the game is great, but gee I miss having a customizable character like in KotOR or Jedi Academy. In Jedi Academy, playing as a man or woman, even as any of the alien species, you had the same dialogue with a different VA, but it still felt like there was so much more depth and replayability. And it's not nostalgia either, I've just played the game again recently. It's just a bit more exciting than swapping out ponchos.

  19. JA is a far superior game in all aspects. I just replayed both it and FO this month. FO doesn't even run well, frame drops all around for no good reason. Not to mention the primitive consolized gameplay... no acrobatics, no real lightsaber control, nothing.

  20. I mean, the games set out to do different things at different times for different audiences in different gaming landscapes. I love both but I don't really put them in the same category.

  21. That's an easy argument to make, but making a DS clone out of a Jedi game is just wasted potential. And there are already enough games like that out there. In case you didn't know, Respawn wasn't even planning on making a SW game, they were making a generic DS clone, then got approached and asked to convert it to a lightsaber game. Which left out most of the things that make playing as a Jedi actually interesting.

  22. It's pretty normal. The build quality of Razer headsets is garbage. This happened twice to my friend and he was very careful with it. Said friend now owns HyperX Cloud (which I can't recommend enough to everyone) and has no issues with it.

  23. This man knows what he is talking about, And I second his Hyper X Cloud recommendation. I've had mine for the better part of 5 years now and they are still going strong.

  24. Almost 5 years for mine as well, used for at least 8 hours daily. It's amazing how long things can last when critical joints are not made of fragile plastic that only becomes more fragile with time. (Not to mention actually good drivers that don't just pump out maximum possible bass - although I do miss that about Kraken once in a blue moon)

  25. Wtf with the boomer shit? You realize that baby boomers are in there 60's-70's and are not on Reddit right?

  26. Thank you. This is the only reasonable thing to do. These vehicles weren't fast at all. These people seem like they're playing a prank, and a dangerous one at that. It doesn't at all look like a residential area, and literally everyone who drives past them dislikes this, including the kids.

  27. Yet I'm downvoted for posting the obvious.

  28. In my case, I simply grew up in an area that was exactly like this, and had the same kind of people thinking they're "doing good for the community" by interfering with roads trying to "slow everyone down" because something like 40-50 km/h was apparently "speeding" to them (and I don't think most vehicles in this video reach even that). Everyone sane hated them and excessive speedbumps (fake and real ones) resulted in more frequent accidents (speedbumps in general are a dumb device, people who really want to speed learn how to ignore them), but they thought themselves heroes.

  29. Cool story. Can you have your own private gym at home? Can you restructure your apartment's layout without ruining integrity of whole building? Can you relax alone on your balcony without neighbor from opposite building staring you down? Can you relax in the evening without noisy idiots playing their music all the way up to 2 AM? Can your orivate space withstand broken pipe and flooded floor and ruined things? Do you have easily accessible garage where you can store things that you don't want to keep in your apartment? Place for a hobby? Place to raise kids? Man and woman lairs where you and your SO can relax and do their own thing?

  30. Wait, isn’t Sasha a boys name in Russia?

  31. It's the same diminutive form for both Alexander (male) and Alexandra (female).

  32. Sure. I've had my Blackwidow Chroma TE since 2017 and apart from a few LEDs that died within the first couple of weeks (which I am about to replace myself - could have just claimed warranty tbh but I bought it in a different country) it's been perfect. My Taipan was only replaced by a Viper Mini this year after serving me for... probably 7 years? Their keyboards and mice are solid, but I absolutely can't recommend their audio and laptops. The audio is mediocre and rides the brand name too hard, the laptops are great but QA/QC are just not there.

  33. Sorry, but what? Did you read my comment with an angry voice or something? I’m totally understandable of wanting more and what’s next but the same goes for big movies. Like if Marvel or Disney release the Spider-Man No Way Home trailer everyone the same day is asking for the Hawkeye trailer. It’s mainly a appreciate what you’re getting type deal. True Colors literally released yesterday you can’t expect any developer to have any word on the sequels yet 😂

  34. lol let it go you weirdo. You one of those people who put Christmas stuff up before Thanksgiving, aren’t you? 😂

  35. I'm fine with them not voicing dialogue, but I DO want combat lines voiced like in NWN or DOS2. I don't want a completely mute protagonist, that's what turned me off from playing Outer Worlds. It's incredibly immersion-breaking and misses out on a really cool character customization aspect.

  36. Rogozin is a thief and a hack and nothing he says should not be taken at face value. He should shoulder most of the responsibility for the rotting corpse that is the Russian space industry.

  37. The game is just really, really badly optimized for how it looks. I upgraded from a Core i7-2600/GTX 970 to Ryzen 5 3600/RTX 3060 Ti and an NVMe SSD, and I still get random microfreezes (especially when opening doors), the game does not look good on Epic (blurry textures, though I might have to turn down AA to make sure it doesn't use TSAA since it always does this, unimpressive lighting), and judging by support threads on EA forums, we're not alone and this is never getting fixed.

  38. What? Air conditioning isn't a substitute for open windows. Try wearing contact lenses for instance, you'll hate air conditioned spaces soon enough since your eyes will be dry and itchy. Not to mention that many European houses are built with climate in mind and naturally stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, not requiring air conditioning at all barring extreme temperatures.

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