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We almost got batman in the Loki series

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  1. Better than Kazuya from rent a girlfriend . Our boy tadono already has a gf and didn't need to spend a good amount of money

  2. What the fuck really? I read some of the manga after season 1 but got bored quickly. But jeez how long are they planning to drag it out

  3. If you post this on naturo sub they will say its possible

  4. You underestimate the naruto fandom's Sakura hate lmao

  5. Tbh, he looks like Adult version of Shigeo from MOB psycho 100. Chemotherapy by Doctor Garou gave Saitama psychic powers at the cost of fixing his limiter.

  6. Agreed Saitama and Mob always looked similar becoz same author and stuff but with this hair they look even more similar

  7. I will cut my balls if Garou gets defeated in their exchange next chapter.

  8. I can't not see him Daniel Radcliffe and Taron Egerton as Harry Potter and Eggsy respectively so I would prefer a different actor

  9. I don't hate him but I don't like how like on other social media sites they say he's the strongest

  10. Basically to them either he is the strongest character or the weakest

  11. The important stuff from Book of Boba Fett should have been part of Mandalorian season 3. The rest of it was unnecessary

  12. Yeah I find it really weird that the main plot of Mando s3 was revealed in bobf, luke and grogu training and the big impact scene of Din and Grogu meeting took place so casually in a battle in bobf

  13. I wish we’d seen Pakku training Katara more. More water bending sparring matches/lessons

  14. Honestly if ATLA wasn't a 2005 show but rather a 2022 show then it would have more episodes and would have longer sequences for training like this

  15. Same energy as Saitama being a Class B hero and King being a Class S hero

  16. You might like Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

  17. Idk, not really relatable. I don't need friends,most of humans are loud and annoyingly dumb

  18. I think you might relate to Hikigaya Hachiman from My Teen Romcom SNAFU. He got the same views

  19. Yeah his pov might change too like Hachiman's

  20. Anybody watch the latest The Boys episode? That plot twist holy shit. Also why do I feel like

  21. In terms of strength I would go with Team Bruteforce but the objective is saving my life so I think Kamui is the best option here

  22. will AND joyce?! that's gonna be really really hard for jonathan

  23. Imagine if he chose Will, Joyce, Argyle and Nancy lol. Jonathan would be devastated

  24. Oh God you reminded me of Noir and Hughie in comics Herogasm 👍

  25. Glad I wasn't the only one who thought of Deku's flick while watching ep12

  26. shark attack should be nsfw shouldn't it?

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