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  1. Settled on the T3 Plus. Im very happy with them.

  2. Any one of these IEMs that u tried that stood out from the rest?

  3. The Tim T2 is the best for gaming out of all those imo

  4. Tin T2 for sure. Great tuning for competitive gaming and it has above average imaging and sound stage

  5. Id say get some HD6xx or HD560s. Never hurts to have a good pair of Sennheiser in your arsenal. Just remember when thinking about what you want to get next to always listen to your music with your headphones and to not listen to your headphones with your music. Sometimes people get so caught up in wanting more headphones, IEMs, etc and forget about just enjoying the music. :) Take things slow, audio is a life long journey and it needs to be enjoyed to the fullest extent.

  6. I'm really liking my Sennheiser IE 100 Pros. I'm new to the IEM world though.

  7. Sennheiser iems, grab one that fits your wallet

  8. I have the t3s and stopped using them because of the pain around there and the fact they kept falling out of my ears. Didn't matter how I put them in. It probably won't get any better

  9. Sucks cus it means I can't really use them anymore. My GF uses them and has no issues so I think it's just an ear shape thing.

  10. Youre comparing Fake N95 masks to audio equipment?... okay then. instead of assuming all Chinese companies are bad how about doing research about them? under $100 thats basically your only option. But a Chinese parent company doesnt even really matter always. Moondrop and Fiio are some of the best audio companies and they are both Chinese. Both making very high quality products.

  11. I went to the mall and the sales guy convinced me to spend the extra hundred over my budget and go for the better one, so it's a good one don't you worry.

  12. Expensive = good? Yeah you just wasted your money on earbuds that don't even sound half as good as they should for that price. If you can, take them back and get something that actually sounds good for the price.

  13. These are my first pair of IEMs. Using them for a week but sadly the little bump on the chassis that goes into your Cymba is making my cymba sore. Am i fitting them wrong? Do they just not fit me? Or Will I get used to it?

  14. For critical listening neither of those. The best sound you can really get for under $30 would be the KSC75 with Yaxi Pads. If you dont like the ear hooks then you can get a lil $7 pair of headphones on amazon, take the drivers off of the $7 headphones, take the hooks off of the KSC75, and then attach the KSC75 drivers to the headband. Seriously they just snap right on immediately its a perfect fit. I have the links to all of this stuff as well. Im not sure where you live but for me it costed around $45 for everything total. By FAR some of the best sound under $75. Possibly the best.

  15. I see a lot of people recommending $150+ headphones mostly which is fine but first im curios about how much youre actually willing to spend? Whats your budget? Do you want open or closed back headphones? As well as do you have to have a headset or would headphones with a usb mic be okay? Knowing those 3 things would really help figuring out whats best for you :)

  16. HD560s definitely. For the price Great detail, great clarity, very neutral tuning (too neutral for some though), and not the widest but wide enough soundstage.

  17. They’re great. Very clear forward vocals and clean proficient instruments with decent soundstage especially for an iem. They’re in my rotation.

  18. I have a blon bl03, kz zsn pro x and kz zex pro (crn). They all make my ears ring at higher volume but the t2 doesn't for some reason.

  19. Interesting. Ik its subjective but what genres of music do you think the T2 are good for?

  20. Yes, except not movie soundtracks. I'll just play albums, and they'll take me back to a place and time emotionally. The albums I've come to know and love throughout my life have become my life's soundtrack. But yes, sitting back and getting lost in an album is one of life's great pleasures.

  21. Still no. Spotify is where it's at for me. I blindly A/B'ed the few Flac files I had with the same songs on Spotify but couldn't hear that much of a difference. It's not like I'm deaf or use crappy gear either, I think the marketing is the biggest difference...

  22. Alright cool ill check those songs out

  23. It's 74 hours to watch all seasons of the office. I know multiple people who have watched them all multiple times.

  24. I know someone who has watched the entirety of The Office 16 times

  25. They're heavy enough, can't imagine a steel headband

  26. A55 is awesome especially if you install MrWalkman's custom firmware on it

  27. Interesting ive never heard of that

  28. I had the A45, which I returned. It was cool and all, but it drove me crazy it would rebuild the library on every single boot. Perhaps it was a particularity of using the SD card instead of internal storage, but I just couldn't take it and returned it.

  29. Sounds like a bug or something. My friend loves his NW-A45 and his doesnt do that.

  30. Bleep sell flac and other formats to download, they even sell cassettes.

  31. Qobuz. They have best streaming sound quality and also sell their content at competitive prices. You can download albums in flac or any other format. You don’t need to be subscriber to purchase music.

  32. Oh cool ill keep Qobuz in mind

  33. I'll second the HiBy R3 Pro Saber. I just picked that up a couple of weeks back and it's an amazing little player.

  34. What would you say are some of the issues with the UI?

  35. Well, like I said, it's super easy to use. And honestly pretty snappy. Truly, I'm very happy with it.

  36. Eh small issues to deal with but overall it sounds great.

  37. The best tip I have is to do what you think is fun and not feel like you need to be the best at the game, unless you like doing that. A handful of people on this sub like to disparage anyone they see playing on Drizzle or using any of the artifacts that make the game easier, but what matters most in a game is what you find fun. This extends to “bad” abilities or items that some people will try to tell you that you should never use/seek out. Everything is viable.

  38. Even if fun means giving an equipment drone Wings?

  39. Wait so im a bit confused. "Crin and Fiio with all of their tools should be able to do much better". Did Crin do badly with the tuning on the FHE?

  40. What I mean is if I can EQ FH3 well based on Crin’s observations, then Crin and Fiio should be able to do even better than what I did.

  41. I would love a new SMG. It would be a great weapon at close to midrange, maybe something that could outpace the pistol.

  42. Different tuning but the tin t3 plus are considered the best under $100 along with the moondrop aria

  43. Yeah so ive heard. Possibly ordering them tomorrow

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