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  1. Yeah lol as a kid I could never make it out but now looking at it seems like it’s just ‘strider’ in the white and the kanji for it in the purple/background

  2. There's that one cutscene in age of calamity where he parries a boulder the size of a small house with one arm

  3. homie got the UT from the community lmao 0 upvotes but fr its supposed to be unfair by design and i would even still consider black a gold standard!!!

  4. Place it in the garbage and get a new one for $100

  5. It be so sad seeing the senior drivers literally kill themselves doing it 😞

  6. I have a MPC Live 2. I hadn’t really considered trying to midi map an external LFO. I’ll have to look at my gear and see if anything can send an LFO that can be used inside the MPC. I kinda doubt it’ll work the way I’m hoping but maybe…

  7. Ahh i actually just got a 3k but before that was a big rack series user, I was thinking to just route it through and u can get very weird sounds

  8. honestly idek if its worth that time and energy, then again no one was modding marvel 3 really back in the day,

  9. It obviously can’t be the left column or middle row, and pfft obviously can’t leave links awakening

  10. Damn just thinking about their design philosophy they’ve really made the mpc perfect for the human hand it doesn’t really matter how big your hand is either

  11. Thanx man he's my favorite dark stalker

  12. I think I own dark stalkers for all the classic consoles I own so I'm soooo happy we gotta re release

  13. I would start with MIDI effects > piano and adjust so that the higher notes are softer while lower octaves are higher in vel

  14. That shit built the same way as a korg nanopad, it’s more for aesthetic tbh

  15. i know a lot of people like the marvel 2 style assists but on marvel vs capcom 1 i always loved the guest assist and wish i seen it in more stuff

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