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  1. Honestly I think the new revos from Abu Garcia look pretty slick. I have one Revo4 SX and I think it preforms just as well as my shimanos and daiwas tbh.

  2. YES! Take this upvote! Those dudes are awesome. My one disagreement is senkos-I found the Berkley Max Scent Generals (Baby Bass and June Bug) absolutely slay. Not hating on the yum dingers, just my experience. Good luck!

  3. Yeah, I don’t typically buy yum, but the color looked cool. Figured I’d try something new. My favorites are the good ole Yamamoto senko or the max scent general as well. And in the baby bass & junebug like what you said.

  4. What’s the weight on these? Heavy enough for regular casting gear or more BFS?

  5. Yeah the easiest way to tell is by looking at it's jaw with it's mouth closed. Look for this next time and you'll know for sure:

  6. Love the duke! A great lipless! Happy 4th!

  7. Agree with almost everyone here. A Shimano or Daiwa. These are hands down my favorite reels. Specifically Curado 200K and Tatula 100 8.1:1. I also have a dobyns fury 7’3 Medhevy fast. And absolutely love it, dobyns are a softer rod compared to other brands. I also have a duckett micro magic and it’s fantastic too.

  8. Have you ever used the sleeper gill? I’m a huge dark sleeper fan and have been curious about them

  9. Totally just lied about the restock lol. That was the word around YouTube, but I just looked now and tackle warehouse has some of the colors in stock and also getting a restock of others on July 2nd. Bass pros website has them too!

  10. Haven’t used the sleeper gill yet, actually haven’t even used the Dark sleeper so this is my first go. These are almost impossible to find right now. Sold out everywhere. A lot of hype around it. Restocks ain’t supposed to happen till fall time on these things from what I’ve heard.

  11. Dobyns make awesome rods, great choice

  12. Yeah, I’ve been meaning to pull the trigger and get one since last summer. I absolutely love it, caught 7 with it today!

  13. Yes, it had the at-st and the keychain.

  14. Same thing happened to me. It showed that I qualified so assumed that I was solid. After the order was placed all I see is the keychain and at-st

  15. Around me at least, Great Lakes, Niagara river area you see a lot of dropshots and that seems to be the go to way to catch smallies. But Ned rig is killer too obviously. I’m not a super big finesse guy so I actually throw a lot of paddle tails 3.8 size(they eat the bigger ones just as much as they eat the smaller ones) I like to use an underspin too. Also I throw jerkbaits, a lot of perch colors I use. Also spinnerbaits and in-line spinners work well and crankbaits. Don’t know if that’ll translate to where you’re moving but can always try.

  16. I find that the crosseyez chatterbait is very similar to the jackhammer. Obviously it’s not the OG jackhammer but it is a cheaper alternative with the blade starting almost right at the start of the retrieve. DEBO’s fishing on YouTube has a video where he uses it and he loves it as well. Plus it’s got the snag resistant guard. It’s a bit cheaper too!!!

  17. Buy from a locally owned store and you don't have to worry about it getting stolen.

  18. I am 100% a supporter on supporting local shops but unfortunately we don’t have any in my area. Well bass fishing anyways. There is a few but mostly carry salmon, trout and walleye stuff. Part of living by the Great Lakes I guess🤷🏽‍♂️ Not many carry bass fishing specific stuff, best thing we got is a cableas and dicks. And those don’t have the greatest selection at times.

  19. I live in a more rural area so it never happened to me, but it must definetely suck. People who do that are just dickhead, most of the time they won't even use the stuff they steal.

  20. In my note I specifically said “ I’m sure you have no use for any of this”

  21. Bull flats are great. A lot of people swear by free rigging them but I've had a lot of fun using them with a weighted beast hook.

  22. I’m thinking the 4.8 size on a weightless Texas rig would be pretty cool. I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in larger plastics, haven’t really used anything over a 3.8/4 inch size. I’m sure it’ll get bit In the ponds tho. Never even used a fluke before and it’s many peoples go to bait!!

  23. Both started as rod companies from my understanding.. so I mean they’re mostly going to be known for their rods. I think it could be something with the sponsorship deal where they specifically use whichever brands rods, but it’s probably not part of the contract for the reels. I’m just speculating, not 100% sure. Also I own a Duckett micro magic pro and tbh not really a fan… I like fishing my Lews carbon fires more, they feel more sensitive in my opinion.

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