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  1. Take it easy pal, I don’t want everyone To know I’m a celebrity

  2. Jokes on you.. I said goodbye to it a long time ago

  3. He’s definitely right, don’t be so oblivious

  4. According to peoples down votes and up votes you’re wrong my guy.

  5. tbh, until I read wife - I assumed you are gay. Farting is normal and to most guys it can be funny as hell based on the situation.

  6. Yeah farting is funny if you’re like 14 and like childish toilet humor.

  7. I'm 13 and I don't see what's so funny about making people need to breathe through their mouths. Unless you absolutely need to, holding it in isn't very hard.

  8. I’m not against farting if you have to go.. it’s not healthy to hold it in.. but just don’t act like it’s funny, because if you think it’s funny then you still have an immature form of humor.. but if you’re 13 and don’t think it’s funny I would say you’re on the right track bro

  9. Grizzlies and Polar would rock a tiger but the tiger would kill any lesser bear

  10. A Siberian tiger could possibly handle a grizzly as they are pretty evenly matched it would just depend on who gets the first hit.. but yes definitely would not win against a polar

  11. It would probably be very close.. if the tiger was able to get to the bears neck without being swiped then the tiger would win from there.. but if the bear was able to swipe the tiger then it’s game over for the tiger , and I’m just talking about grizzly vs tiger

  12. Is there anything that you wish you would have been told before you started all the trial and error?

  13. Not really, I just wish the process of getting insurance if you’re self employed or something like that was much simpler.. it’s a real headache of a process if you don’t know anything about insurance your first time and you goto the marketplace and they offer you 100 different insurance plans on the website, and sure you can always just call them but in 2022 for the whole process to be this bad it so annoying, and it’s still not affordable for most people.. it’s a giant train wreck.

  14. I totally understand that feeling, it feels like everything is getting more confusing rather than less. Is there anything that you have thought of that would make that process simpler?

  15. It should be as simple as an app.. where you answer a few questions like “ what are the medications you’re taking” “ who is your preferred doctor” etc.. so the app can narrow down the insurance choices and at the end should just give you 3-5 choices that all meet your needs. The current marketplace has a system that kind of does this on the computer but it’s not good at all.. and the whole website is trash, I feel like with the younger generation of kids they are going to have to really come up with a much simpler insurance process, rather than making it impossible for the average person to understand

  16. Well my hands touch my face and eyes. And all my stuff.. I don't think my anus has ever touched my face or my eyes. And not all that much of my stuff either

  17. Hey if you want to sit in dry shit all day go ahead, I’m not stopping you

  18. That’s gonna itch when it dries…

  19. It’s gonna itch like shit (no pun intended

  20. Dear god yes… for the love of god if anyone is reading this DONT ever do synthetic marijuana…. Worst experience of my entire life, with negative effects lingering for 2-3 months

  21. I did it once thinking “I’ve smoked a ton of weed! What’s the worst that can happen!”

  22. Exactly! I literally said “ I’ve smoked so much weed I can handle this”…. Turns out that was in fact not true

  23. You know that they say.. 4’s a party.. so yeah I’m also gonna take the option to pound that guys wife

  24. They’re the same exact thing as fox just on the other side, sometimes worse.

  25. Lol sorry for saying what i believe in?

  26. Don’t let it get to you, if it’s what you believe in then go for it… and if you turn out to be right then they’re going to be the ones sorry.

  27. You say something like “man I haven’t had a blowjob in awhile………… cause I’m single…”

  28. There is only one side, the side of science, the other "side" is just a pack of fuckwits doing their own research on Facebook or Fox "News".

  29. This is a very close minded one sided opinion you have yourself. It’s very hypercritical and also hysterical at the same time

  30. It's so extremelyhysterical. Most of the anti-anti comments are. Obviously I'm aware that most people aren't super vocal and critical and hoorah about their covid opinions, but got damn if the extremists on either side don't sound exactly alike.

  31. Yes it’s actually more worrying that one of the sides can’t seem to realize their logic is almost exactly the same as the other side. Im neutral on the topic, I just don’t understand why these people can’t sit down and have a normal conversation without wishing death upon each other.

  32. Most likely it’s just due to someone not fully understanding or reading the Bible.

  33. Yeah, but I’m going to rewatch the first part just before the second part comes out. & then once I’m done watching the second part, I’ll probably rewatch the whole series (minus that one episode with Wendy’s brother, you know the one, that episode I can’t watch again).

  34. Just finished the first part of the new season, that shows a masterpiece.

  35. Breaking bad, Ozark, Doctor who (the new doctor who, not the 60s, if you’re into sci-fi, after season one it gets real good)

  36. Female, all females are secretly bi. Don’t ask to see my research but trust me I’ve done my own studies

  37. Newborns/babies are usually adopted within the first month, so this argument of adopting issue wouldn’t apply to abortion. Also there is estimated 2 million couples waiting to adopt a kid right now in the USA and only about 400k kids needing foster or adoption currently… so really the issue that needs to be fixed is the adoption system being so incredibly slow

  38. Not only that but It’s how you make a marriage last

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