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  1. I also asked my friends before i did the snipe if they want the sniper bc im quite bad at sniping lol

  2. k i respect your opinion, btw i started playing in january this year

  3. I got one in my Malaga CM, A Nigerian RM/RW, 93/94 Potential, he was amazing, even as a YA player.

  4. Im doing varbergs bois in sweden probably the hardest career mode ive had ina long time

  5. i literally bought a 240hz monitor for gd that costed like 450 dollars and now youre telling me that everything will be like 60hz. what the fuck.

  6. i found it on google images, it was something like "Npesta goes to my school and taught us how to play geometry dash in our public speaking class" so i just nabbed it and put different text, im pretty sure you can find it if your just search "Npesta" in google images.

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