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  1. Bookmarking this post for now, gotta open reddit on pc to answer this. Too long for scrolling and reading. 2 tabs open karke side by side karna hoga

  2. They're not VCs right. The problem here is that if I invest in 2 companies in the same market, I'll basically have to ask them to compete with each other. Which is unethical by my moral compass.

  3. Cool. Any book/ podcast I can listen to to understand these terms better? My knowledge about investments only comes from Shark Tank. Which I feel is mediocre.

  4. But the manga showed to us what happens when a Founder user is close to his final 13 years with Uri Reiss. He was looking older, weak and sick when talking with Kenny.

  5. Not shown explicitly what? Founder literally dying by the Curse? We see in Mikasa alternate future memory Eren dying by it.

  6. Not shown that the holder of the Founder cannot alter the rule of dying in 13 years.

  7. Both exist. 1+0 does RAID1 with the disks to create „inner Volumes“ and then stores the data on a RAID0 built from n RAID1. 0+1 does the same but R0 is inner and R1 is outer.

  8. A Ramanayak Udipi Krishna Boarding at Matunga station. Place looks terrible on the outside. But is as clean as a basketball court on the inside. Best south Indian thali in Mumbai

  9. Main toh pitch bhi nahi de sakunga . Mummy k sath Shark Tank dekhta hu 🥹🥹

  10. A kind of follow up question- is it worth spending a bomb on a wedding? People spend absurd amounts on lavish displays. I for one am against spending a year's worth of salary on 1 week of celebrations. Even if you think mathematically, there's little to no ROI. Except maybe the pictures looking good. An investment that big done right can yield massive growth instead.

  11. Been using Airtel 5g since day one of launch. You'll get low speed in trains. Although it's a major improvement from 4g. Battery life is not a noticeable change. I only use internet for music and YouTube and reddit. Idk about downloads

  12. How can Fanaa be a part? Rehan is shot dead. Multiple bullets were shot, and Rehan dies in Zooni's arms. If you mean it in terms of a flashback, then we might connect some dots. But I don't think people will be interested in a flashback movie. Like Black Widow for example. Very few people cared to watch it.

  13. Just watched a Tuesday evening show abroad and it was completely houseful. All the way to the front seats!!

  14. Lol and there are still dumbasses who are tweeting photos of empty theatres saying Pathan flop hui. Those idiots didn't even know that it's a show of a different movie

  15. They’re shot at different days and later compiled to give you the best combo of 1. Good entrepreneurs, 2. Drama/emo pitch, 3. Fight/cringe pitch

  16. Or maybe ACP Ajay Singh Rathore from Sarfarosh becomes the next leader of JOCR? Basically takes on Dimple's place

  17. Tres Ind at BKC is good, albeit a little distance from Powai. Otherwise, Dum Pukht is the bomb!

  18. In addition to the other comments, please take screenshots and all proofs of him sexually harassing you. Yes, this is bonafide sexual harrasment

  19. Call me old fashioned, but please practice pranayam and breathing exercises daily. Doesn't take more than 15 minutes. Really helpful

  20. Hore Tanmay Bhat for God sake. He knows a lot about investments and can be entertaining at the same time. Dua's comedy is annoying, him hosting is plain awkwardness

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