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  1. 2015 and while it may sound cold... would public sympathy on that have actually helped Biden further?

  2. That's not exactly correct. His fight weight was always between 216-220 but off season he'd get up to the 230s.

  3. Tyson must have insane genetics. He's 50+ and still looks better than most 20yr Olds. He's had 10000hrs in gym wars and took a beating but he's still coherent, no signs of CTE. He's top 1% of athletic genetics on the planet, I'm sure of it.

  4. The poster doesn't even show them kissing just a close embrace.

  5. Damn, his daughter Mia Khalifa must be devastated…time to check on her.

  6. She's being consoled by a few gentlemen based on a preliminary google search.

  7. Worst case of crazy eyes I’ve seen in a long time

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